UNASUR chief calls for removal of US military bases from Latin America

Latin American countries should discuss removing all US military bases from their soil, a top official of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) said.

US torture program: A terrifying reality that cannot go unpunished

The US government refuses to release thousands of photographs showing abuse and torture of people detained by its military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shutting down AIPAC: Removing Israel from American politics

The following is a lightly edited version of a speech Philip Giraldi gave on in Washington during the anti-AIPAC and Netanyahu visit demonstrations.

Senators' letter on nuclear deal and US legal bindings

Forty seven US senators' letter to high ranking Iranian officials, in which they have declared any nuclear deal probably signed with Iran would not be legally binding by the next president and can be invalidated, was not a surprise and unexpected attempt. Abdolreza Ghofrani, a former senior diplomat and international …