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The US House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to enhance sanctions against North Korea in the aftermath of its latest test of a hydrogen bomb.
US regulators have rejected a plan by German automaker Volkswagen to recall diesel cars equipped with devices used to cheat on emissions tests.
US President Barack Obama has warned against the danger posed by terrorist groups, including ISIL, to Americans and people around the world.
The Chicago Police Department says more than 100 people have been shot in the city during the first 10 days of the New Year.
Tuesday, 12 January 2016 06:17

US compensation bill advances in Iran

An MP says Iranian lawmakers have submitted a bill, demanding compensation from the US after recent measures taken in the United States to appropriate frozen Iranian assets.
The prosecutor in the US city of Philadelphia has charged a man with attempted murder in the shooting of a police officer.
“Black Lives Matter” activists have staged a rally in the US State of Minnesota for a mentally-ill black man who was fatally shot by police back in September.
Reports of sexual assault at the three US military academies increased by more than 50 percent last year, Pentagon officials have confirmed.
The United States has condemned Zionist regime’s decision to expand a settlement bloc in the occupied West Bank, saying it hampers efforts to reach an agreement with the Palestinians.
Saturday, 09 January 2016 08:13

Muslim woman ejected from Donald Trump rally

US police escorted a Muslim woman wearing a hijab from Donald Trump’s campaign event, after she stood up in silent protest during the Republican presidential front-runner’s speech.
Top US national security officials are to meet with tech leaders to seek their help in disrupting online activities of terrorist groups in recruitment, radicalization and plotting attacks.
US President Barack Obama says he will not campaign for Democrats who don't back gun reform.
The United States has called on China to put an end to "business as usual" with North Korea following Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test, stressing that the US military will closely …
Several US Democrats are proposing a bill that would withhold federal funds from municipalities, which are not willing to allow third-party prosecutions of US police officers who use brutal force.
The US says more time is needed to prepare a sanctions list against Iran over the country’s missile program.
US President Barack Obama declares a state of emergency after devastating floods hit parts of the State of Missouri.
Young black men are nine times more likely to be killed by US law enforcement officers, a new study has found.
Information on 191 million American voters has been exposed on the Internet, an independent computer security researcher has found out.
Police brutality in the United States is not necessarily about “homicide” committed by American cops or even “racial disparity” but has deeper roots in the country, says a political activist …
Americans have taken to the streets to protest against a decision by a grand jury in Ohio not to indict a white officer for killing an African American boy last …