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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 08:39

Russia is existential threat to US and allies: NATO commander

Russia is existential threat to US and allies: NATO commander
A top US military official, who is NATO's military commander, says Russia is an “existential threat” to Washington and its European allies.

According to Press TV, in testimony before the US Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, US Air Force General Philip Breedlove accused Russia of choosing to be an adversary and seeking to exert influence over its neighboring states.

"Russia has chosen to be an adversary and poses a long-term existential threat to the United States and to our European allies and partners," Breedlove said.

"Russia is eager to exert unquestioned influence over its neighboring states in its buffer zone... so has used military force to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Georgia and others, like Moldova," he added.

Breedlove stressed that Washington needs additional resources in Europe to counter a “resurgent, aggressive Russia.”

“Russia seeks to re-establish a leading role on the world stage. Russia does not just want to challenge the agreed rules of the international order, it wants to re-write them,” he said.

The four-star general, who also heads the US military's European Command, said he asked for a substantial boost in resources for Europe in the budget for the 2017 fiscal year.


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