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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto says his country will not pay for the construction of a 2000-mile wall on the US-Mexico border, as proposed by US Republican presidential candidate Donald …
US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won the Michigan Democratic primary while frontrunner Hillary Clinton triumphed in Mississippi.
The United States says it is negotiating with Australia to station long-range bombers in the country, amid rising tensions with China over the South China Sea.
The White House will for the first time release the death toll from US terror drone strikes conducted since 2009, officials say.
The number of released Guantanamo prisoners now suspected of having returned to fighting for terrorists, increased by 6 reaching 12 from July 2015 to January this year, the Obama administration …
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he will not launch a run for president as he had been considering, because of fears that a third-party campaign would result …
An American citizen whose father and brother are being detained in the United Arab Emirates has accused the Obama administration of keeping silent as her family continues to suffer torture.
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the National Guard's cyber unit may join the fight against the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.
Major candidates in US presidential nomination contests clinch important victories on Super Saturday as the race for the Oval Office heats up.
An Egyptian student in the US state of California is facing deportation after threatening on Facebook to kill US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Veteran US Republican Senator John McCain has hit out at the party’s presidential frontrunner Donald Trump over his incendiary rhetoric on the campaign trail.
Protests have been held in the US State of Michigan over Republicans’ inattention to domestic crises.
The Pentagon has signed a deal to sell nearly $700 million worth of smart bombs to Turkey as tensions are escalating between Ankara and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants …
Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump both scored major victories on Super Tuesday, taking giant steps toward securing the US presidential nominations of their parties.
A top US military official, who is NATO's military commander, says Russia is an “existential threat” to Washington and its European allies.
US Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would both defeat Republican front-runner Donald Trump in a general election, a new poll shows.
Four students have been wounded in a shooting incident at a high school in southwestern Ohio, police officials say.
A white US police officer has fatally shot an unarmed African American man during a foot chase in Raleigh, North Carolina.
US Secretary of State John Kerry says Washington and Moscow have agreed not to discuss alleged violations of a ceasefire in Syria that recently came into force and only target …
A campaign rally for US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was repeatedly disrupted on Monday by black activists, underscoring the divisions the GOP front-runner has long been accused of sowing.
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