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Sunday, 15 March 2015 16:03

Senators' letter on nuclear deal and US legal bindings

Senators' letter on nuclear deal and US legal bindings

Forty seven US senators' letter to high ranking Iranian officials, in which they have declared any nuclear deal probably signed with Iran would not be legally binding by the next president and can be invalidated, was not a surprise and unexpected attempt. Abdolreza Ghofrani, a former senior diplomat and international analyst, has shed light on the issue.


The letter was not a source of surprise since these senators are the pro-Israel group of hardliners, who under Tel Aviv and Netanyahu coercion, do not spare any efforts to put a dent in nuclear talks and eventual deal with Iran. Internationally, however, this motion on the part of a group of the United States legislatures certainly will have consequential and dangerous adverse effects. Because taking this approach, being fully in contradiction with legal and international terms and principles, will question US commitment and binding to all agreements and treaties this country has so far signed with other states, and certainly globally weakens US credibility. As a whole, it will create an international non-confidence that undoubtedly will not ensure the world peace and stability.
Though what these senators have said in the letter does not necessarily represent the convictions of majority of American people as well as the US Congress, it could adversely affect the relations between Washington and other states and deepen non-confidence. In better words, the non-confidences that already have existed and by this immature and irrational move will exacerbate, even if the US President and commander-in-chief, Barack Obama’s administration disagrees with that.

Legally, politically, as well as internationally appropriate responses have been given to this letter either in Iran or the United States by the high ranking officials. Probably more reactions are expected by US allies in Europe and other parts of the world. This development must be considered from two dimensions:
Firstly, the motive of these senators to deliver this letter is now pretty well known for everybody. The letter is sent to Iranian officials just less than one week after Netanyahu's vain and funny show in US Congress. It is now quite obvious that these senators are absolutely influenced by the Zionist regime of Israel and we dare to say they take orders from Tel Aviv, and in fact it is the regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who makes policies for them. No doubt by this, they do not care for national interests of the US and proved that Israelis' benefits are their top priority. By these actions, these senators disintegrate political system in US that needs to be dealt with. It is an ordinary approach that the representatives and senators of either Republican or Democrat parties disagree with the president's policies and being critic of his conducts and approaches. It is also the same in all countries with different political systems. However, as properly put by Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, "it is uncommon to rise and stand against their president". As a matter of fact we just call it nothing but a coup.

Given this situation, will any state be confident to negotiate with the US and making deals with this ‘government’? It is then for American people to judge and decide. It goes without saying that in the United States, the president is elected by the majority of Americans; and when elected, he or she is the president for all citizens and represents the people of the United States and therefore when he make decision, he decides for all the nation and not a special ethnic, political or religious group. In one way or other, senators who put their signatures in the letter actually proved that Netanyahu controversies have not borne fruit they did expect.
Secondly, by sending this letter to Iranian officials, it is now quite clear that Iranians' position, reaffirmed several time by Mohammad Javad Zarif, that US could not be trusted, is correct. So Iran’s proposal that a probable nuclear deal be in the form of a resolution endorsed by United Nations Security Council sounds a logic choice. Because by this approach Iran proves it's political will to resolve this problem once and for all; and, through the endorsement of any probable nuclear agreement in the framework of a UN Security Council resolution, Iran indicates serious binding to her commitments.                                 

It is worth noting that the US administrations should be accounted for the problems it is now grappled with. There have been several cases that American administrations have unobserved its commitments. We have witnessed US approach in the United Nations when Americans fearlessly disregarded or not executed resolutions endorsed by the Security Council. In fact it has shown its lack of binding to the United Nations Charter. There is no doubt that this approach has made other countries, and now Iran, having no trust in the United States. The Senators’ motion, which acts within the US political system, can and will deepen this non-confidence.
In fact, now, Iran by proposing that any probable nuclear deal be endorsed by the UN Security Council in a framework of resolution, and given her confidence in this world body, it not only appeases the world public opinion and lives up to her commitments, but the world body is the best forum to call for uplifting the imposed sanctions. Of course this time around it is for the US to abide by Security Council resolution. US Senators who have signed this letter should know that the agreements and treaties United States administrations sign with other countries are the permanent obligatory for their government and remained unchanged when a new administration takes office. These treaties and agreements are not consuming goods that may have expiring date tags.

The last, but not the least, the US government is facing a big test now. Undoubtedly, if Washington is serious to regain international confidence, certainly it needs to live up to her commitments, because by this it can proves, practically, that US observes "pact sunt servanda",  that is “agreements must be kept” in Latin. By the way, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei played down the letter by 47 US senators who threatened to abort or change any possible nuclear deal between the US administration and Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei said the letter of US Senators is a sign of "collapse of political ethics" in the US. 

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