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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 10:33

‘Iran Never Forgets US Downing of Iranian Passenger Plane’

‘Iran Never Forgets US Downing of Iranian Passenger Plane’
Head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Public Relations Department General Ramezan Sharif rapped Washington for committing every possible inhumane act against other nations to meet its interests, and said Iran will always remember the shooting down of its passenger plane by the US in 1988.

"The crime shows what Americans describe as their national interest is against the slogans that they chant about human rights, democracy and the nations' rights," Sharif told FNA on Wednesday.

"National interest is the most important thing for them and they don’t refuse killing 290 innocent passengers of a flight to meet their national interest," he continued.

"Not only the Iranian nation but also the nations whose sons were killed while aboard the same plane and even the world public opinion will never forget the crime and the US is always condemned by the public opinion and should pay the price for this crime," he added.

Sharif underlined that the incident also displayed the real nature of the US to the world.

The Iranian passenger jet Airbus 655 that was flying from Bandar Abbas, Iran to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on July 3 1988, with 290 passengers onboard was shot down by the American USS Vincennes missile cruiser. All the passengers lost their lives with the remaining of their bodies floating on the Persian Gulf waters.

The incident was followed by Tehran's filing a suit at international bodies, including the United Nations. Despite the existing evidence for the attack being intentional, the world forums ignored the facts. The UN Security Council held a meeting, after 2 days, and the speech made by Iran's Foreign Minister let the world know about the untrue nature of the US remarks.

Although Iran filed against the US in the United Nations and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), both bodies adopted a politicized attitude and declined to follow up the case legally, they only bothered to sympathize with the bereaved families of the victims.

In a bid to limit the negative impact of its violent action, the US claimed the Iranian passenger plane was a fighter jet and intended to target the American missile cruiser. The then US President, Ronald Reagan, praised the act of the USS Vincennes, but said in a different interview that the American missile cruiser mistakenly shot the Iranian passenger plane.

Iranians mark July the 3rd each year by showering the site of the disaster with flowers.

In similar remarks yesterday, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces for Cultural Affairs and Defense Publicity Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri said that history will always remember the shooting down of Iran’s passenger plane by the US back in the 1980s, and Washington will never be immune from the negative consequences of its criminal act.

“The US can never be immune from the consequences of this crime,” Jazzayeri reiterated.

“The shooting down of the Iranian civilian airplane by the US was so painful that it will never be erased from the history as a crime against humanity,” the senior Iranian commander added.

He said it is regretting that the then US president granted a medal of courage to the criminal commander of the USS Vincennes and the UN Security Council neglected “this unforgettable terrorist crime …."

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