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2014, the year of violence against children (2)

2014, the year of violence against children (2)

Welcome to the second and last part of our special programme titled “2014, the Year of Violence against Children. Yesterday we spoke of the report released by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which called the year that went by as the worst the world has ever witnessed against children. We already reviewed the inhuman crimes of the Zionists in Palestine, and their agents the ISIL in Syria and Iraq.


Recently, the Boko Haram terrorist outfit in its attack on Borno in north-eastern Nigeria attacked a school and kidnapped over 100 girl students between the ages of 12 to 17, in addition to killing 35 men. This was not the first time, this terrorist outfit has attacked a school for forcing girls into slave-marriages, and the fear has become so widespread that most parents have stopped sending their girls to schools. Boko Haram, which masquerades as a Muslim group, is openly indulging in violence against children and sexual abuse of girls, in order to tarnish the image of Islam.

On 16 December, in Peshawar, Pakistan, the Taliban terrorists attacked a school and killed around 150 boy students in cold blood. UN Secretary-General Ban-ki-moon called it a horrible attack that broke the hearts of people all over the world. A few hours after this incident, a school bus carrying 15 students was blown up by a terrorist bomb blast, south of Yemen’s capital San’a, killing all passengers. UNICEF called it a dark day in the final week of a bitter year. Last year children in various parts of Africa were subjected to different types of violence. The ethnic and religious wars in Central Africa and South Sudan have not left children unharmed.

Christian-ruled South Sudan is in the grips of a famine because of mismanagement, and in the next few months, over 50 thousand undernourished children are likely to die. The UNICEF representative in South Sudan, Jonathan Veitch, has called the situation “very grave” and said “we cannot bear the expenses of more children”. He added that in case of continuation of war, “we will witness malnutrition of children at a level that has not been experienced so far’ and tens of thousands of children under the age of 5 are facing death.”

Violence against children is not confined to the so-called Third World countries, but is rampant in the supposedly civilized and democratic states of the industrially advanced West, where lust, sexual abuse, and sadistic nature are the main motives. Sexual abuse of children and forcing prostitution upon them are serious violation of their basic rights.  Studies show that about 20 percent of children in Europe have experienced different forms of sexual violence in their childhood. Children are vulnerable and are often shy and afraid of complaining the abuse done to them. Unfortunately, because of the breakdown of morals and drifting away from spiritual values, the Internet has provided more means for increase of sexual abuse of children.

According to the UNICEF report, millions of children in Europe and all over the West are facing physical, sexual and emotional abuse, that sometimes results in murder. The US heads the list of 34 world countries having the highest rate in the killing of children. In 2012, for instance, in the US, for every 100 thousand teenagers, 4 were killed. This is equal to the number of children killed in Iraq after the 2003 US military attack. Some 30 million children in 35 rich countries live in relative poverty. The US ranks second regarding the most number of poverty-stricken children in the world – higher than Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and 29 more countries. The US report says 23.1 percent of American children live in relative poverty.

Brazil ranks second in terms of adolescent children and teenagers murdered by armed gangs. UNICEF's Child Protection Section Chief, Susan Bissell, in an interview cites the prime motive behind violence and murder of teenagers to be their forced joining to various criminal gangs. For instance, in 2011, some 274 thousand children were forced to join about 30 thousand criminal gangs. The UNICEF report said teen-agers between 13-to-19 are exposed to murder in the Central Asian and South American states such as Panama, Venezuela, Salvador, Brazil and Guatemala. In many developed countries, children face specific types of violence.

In developed countries the world economic crisis has placed 2.6 million children under the poverty line. Today, although we live in an era of modern technologies and scientific progress, instead of peace and tranquility we witness the most heinous types of violence against the children. The West, despite its claim to be the champion of human rights, continues to mistreat children.

Countries, such as the US, France, Britain, and others, not only do not show interest in observing the rights of their children, but by supporting the two devilish currents of our times, that is, Zionism and Takfirism, have destabilized West Asia, and brutalized children.


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