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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 09:02

Heated debates underway in US Congress on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

Heated debates underway in US Congress on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

These days, heated debates are underway at the US Congress in opposition to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. These debates forced the White House Spokesman, Josh Ernest, on Monday, to make a number of statements which are not appropriate as such for the White House. Ernest, in a press conference, on Monday, admitted that persuasion of the international community for re-implementation of sanctions against Iran, just because the US Congress has not approved the nuclear conclusion between Iran and 5+1 Group member states, is highly unlikely.


The White House spokesman also referred to wide-scale support of scientists, thinkers, engineers, experts, political and religious leaders, military and security advisers of the former US administrations and the international community for the historical nuclear conclusion between Iran and 5+1 Group member states.

On July 14, and at the end of Vienna negotiations, Iran and 5+1 Group member states reached a nuclear conclusion.

Currently, the number of US senators, supporting this agreement is on the rise. The US Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, has voiced full support for the nuclear conclusion.

It can be said that the supporters of nuclear conclusion are rising in numbers in the US. According to Press TV News Network, more than fifty Christian leaders, in a letter to US Congress, have called on the Congressmen to approve the nuclear conclusion with Iran.

Meanwhile, the American officials are well-aware that the US can no longer impose its unilateral policies.

The fact of the matter is that Iran has never been and will never be after nuclear weapons. Such a baseless accusation has been leveled by the US against Iran in a futile bid to isolate Iran. But, this US strategy has been an utter failure.

Meanwhile, the US is the main nuclear threat and the only user of nuclear weapons. The US administration is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the region, creating terrorist outfits such as Al-Qaeda, and supporting the terrorist group, dubbed ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL).

Meanwhile, the US president, Barack Obama, has also concluded that the 36-year enmity with Iran is doomed to fail.


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