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Saturday, 01 November 2014 03:54

China and the US agree on military cooperation

The Chinese and US officials, in a meeting in Washington, reached an agreement to expedite military negotiations and to present the related reports on military operations. This agreement was attained throughout talks between the Deputy Chief of Chinese Army General Headquarters, Wang Guanzhong, and the US Under Secretary of Defense, Christine Wormuth.


During this meeting, the high-ranking officials of the Chinese army and US Department of Defense emphasized reinforcement of mutual cooperation in different domains, and constructive interactions for resolution of disputes.

Throughout the period in which the Republicans were in power, China and the US were considered as strategic rivals. While Democrats are in power, these two countries are considered as each other’s strategic partners.

One has to wait and see whether in the post-Cold War era, China and US, in line with the emerging conditions, would take steps for interaction with each other or not?

The fact of the matter is that China and the US, as two permanent members of the UN Security Council, are two influential states in the scene of global politics and for a number of reasons need to cooperate with each other. But, at the same time, to the same extent, they are at odds with each other.

This is not the first time that political and media circles speak of military cooperation between China and the US. However, based on substantial evidence, there is a growing friction between these two states in the post-Cold War era. The reasons behind the rising tensions between China and the US are perfectly clear. Based on countless reports, China has put behind the US in the economic scene. This comes while a number of US military circles also warn against the lofty ambitions of the Chinese army.

Meanwhile, mounting tensions in the waters of East China and South China seas and presentation of a number of lawsuits over the islands and oil and natural gas deposits have generated concerns in the US.

China is aware of the sales of advanced US-made weaponry to Taiwan, and overt and covert meddlesome policies of the US in Tibet and Hong Kong.

In the view of China, the US should pay attention to the issue of human rights in the US, instead of focusing on the issue of human rights in other countries, and should not enter a cyber-war with China.

Nonetheless, what obliges China and the US to cooperate with each other in the current political scene is the maintenance of interests.


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