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Friday, 03 October 2014 13:52

Western cinema and the death of stars

Western cinema and the death of stars

The US film industry, Hollywood, with more than a hundred years of providing entertainment and which today produces about 700 films annually, has lost its status in the recent decades because of institutionalization of moral corruption in the movies that it churns out.

During the 20th century, especially in the post-World War 2 years, Hollywood had established its reputation almost all over the world, but the decline is evident day-by-day as its products have lost whatever moral and spiritual values they had. Hollywood artists have begun to admit this in their books and documentaries. Eighty years ago, Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford car-manufacturing firm, had cautioned about an organized current which in the future would push the American society towards corruption and destruction, because of the rampant and unchecked expansion of ethical Liberalism and moral laxity. Of course, Ford believed that this downward trend was not limited to the economic spheres and would infiltrate the domains of art and culture including the mass media. He had warned that Hollywood was becoming the most important tool in the hands of a group of Jews who intend to demolish and destroy Christian moral values and the American society’s fundamental beliefs. In his autobiography “My Life and Work” Ford wrote that in the United States certain influential currents are trying to ruin sensibilities of syntax in literature, entertainment and social behavior, thus opening the way for corruption.

Today, Hollywood workers and celebrities are admitting that corruption has become prevalent on a large scale amongst them and regretted the downward trend in moralities. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow alluding to the fading moral values in Hollywood admitted that women are treated as mere commercial commodities for the directors of the film industry. English actress Helen Mirren also says that Hollywood has become a slaughterhouse for the youths between the ages of 18 and 25, since they are mainly portrayed in immoral scenes – a totally disgusting situation indeed. Female actors are under more pressure. But this downward trend and corruption is not limited in the West to cinema, Hollywood in particular. In fact, mental and emotional problems have gripped a high percentage of all those associated with the cinema, resulting in spread of corruption and degradation of humane values. This is an undeniable reality of Hollywood that a large percentage of cinema stars, who have become heroes, heroines and superstars, are trapped in the maze of mental, emotional and family problems. For instance, divorce among Hollywood actors has sharply increased. In many cases couples are willing to live in sin and without moral legitimacy, rather than tie the marriage knot. Addiction, use of all kinds of illicit drugs, and consumption of alcohol, has become wide spread among the Hollywood actors, resulting in behavioral problems, family disintegration and even suicide. The late American film critic, Roger Ebert, disclosed that at least half of Hollywood celebrities are struggling to quit alcohol and drug. Suicide is one of the 10 main causes of death in the world, to the extent that every 40 seconds someone around the globe takes his/her own life, while every 3 seconds there is at least one suicide attempt. A look at the list of names of artists who have ended their lives with suicide is surprising. This list is filled with the names of the actors who have lost forbearance and committed suicide because of psychological problems.

Actors such as Freddie Prinze, Jon Erik Hexum, George Sanders, Lupe Velez, James Whale and Heathcliff Ledger are included in the list because of depression and drug addiction. The latest in this regard was the suicide committed by Hollywood comedian Robin Williams – a TV and cinema celebrity and star for more than three decades. He ended his bleak life after years of consuming illicit drugs. Williams, who had been repeatedly nominated for Oscar, and had different cinematic successes to his credit, was always beset with problems such as drug addiction and alcohol. He would often refer to ‘rehab’ centers in an attempt to quit addiction. Williams once explained that he had greatly suffered from the problem of alcohol over the past 20 years of his life. The actor had said in a conversation that a poor voice often lured him on a cliff edge repeatedly saying: O William, look down, jump over… just once… no problem do it just once… and there will be no other chance!
His own admission, along with what his friends have said, confirmed that Robin Williams was under acute mental and emotional pressures, and was contemplating of suicide for a long time, because of weakness for drugs. Thus, the reality is that the rotten and unhealthy system of Hollywood has not only entangled cinematic artists in its web, but has tried to attract and involve others outside the film industry. This trend has become so common that the suffering artists and even super stars are no longer lamented for their drug addiction or immoral behavior.

For Western cinema, the suspicious deaths and suicides of actors figure are food for the media, without the least effect on public conscience without any care or concern to rectify this wrong. Comedian Robin Williams died because of committing suicide, but other actors, celebrities and even the US President used his death as a means to gain a kind of popularity by expressing mere verbal regret, but without bothering to probe the roots and causes of this social ill. Of course, this does not mean suicides do not occur in other parts of the world, but the question that remains unanswered is: “How could Hollywood, with its glamour and super hero image, justify its internal anomalies and prevent deaths of its stars?” The fact is that Hollywood is only a shadow of its former self. It is no longer considered as worthy of producing films and figures that would reminiscent of its past glory, fame and fortune. Hollywood is now a place where statistics galore of actors committing suicides, of suspicious murders, and of widespread depression and failure. Indeed, suicides and suspicious deaths are moving forward from one sequence to another, with one thing in common, that is “Hollywood stars take refuge in drugs and corruption”. Not long ago we heard the news of the death of Hollywood celebrity Philip Seymour Hoffman after a bout of severe addiction, shortly after comedian Robin Williams committed suicide. The question that arises is: Would the art and cinema of Hollywood enable it to answer the challenging question of abnormalities in the lives of its stars?
The answer is obvious. It is an industry where film stars and other staff are trapped in ethical problems, drug addiction, and depression, because Hollywood is no longer the trendsetter, but a mere tool of Zionist warmongers, who use it dish out propaganda in the various fields – culture, economy, politics, and military.
What could be expected from such an industry of art – if it could be named as such?  You are entrusted to answer to this question.  


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