US student shot dead at university campus in Georgia

A university student has been killed in a shooting attack in the Savannah State University in Georgia amid growing gun violence in the United States.

Heated debates underway in US Congress on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

These days, heated debates are underway at the US Congress in opposition to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. These debates forced the White House Spokesman, Josh Ernest, on Monday, to make a number of statements which are not appropriate as such for the White House. Ernest, in a press …

US police totally out of control: Journalist

The latest police killing of an African-American man in St. Louis, Missouri illustrates that the United States remains a racist society where white police officers continue to kill blacks with impunity, a journalist in Detroit says.

Israel’s proxies hell-bent on destroying America for Israel? (Part 2)

However, Iran is found a tough and in fact insurmountable bastion in front of the Zionists.