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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 19:13

India gets ready to 'save lives' ahead of heat-wave time

India gets ready to 'save lives' ahead of heat-wave time
Indian authorities are preparing for a plan to “save lives” ahead of the season of extreme heat, which turned deadly last year, says the India director for the National Resources Defense Council (NDRC).

According to the reports, Anjali Jaiswal, with the New York-based organization which is helping local leaders and officials adopt the program, said Wednesday that the plan would be launched over the next week in vulnerable cities where temperatures last year hit a sweltering 47 degrees Celsius.

The program covers Bhubaneswar and three other cities in the eastern state of Orissa, as well as the western temple town of Nagpur and four nearby cities, Jaiswal said.

“India is getting hotter, and it is killing people,” said the NDRC director, who added, “If you want to save lives you have to be prepared.”

"The monsoon was low last year, so we are worried about water availability when the temperatures start to rise," Jaiswal said.

She called on other Indian cities and regions to adopt similar heat-wave plans, noting, "When it comes to protecting communities and people, it takes leadership."

The cities involved in the program will prepare for the summer by educating children about heat risk. Hospitals will be equipped with ice packs and extra water. The cities also plan to offer extra water supplies, cool-air shelters and afternoon breaks for workers.


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