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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 08:53

Indian girl dies after rape, immolation

Indian girl dies after rape, immolation
A female Indian teenager who was recently raped and set on fire outside the capital, New Delhi, has died of her injuries.

The 15-year-old succumbed to the burns she had suffered over 95 percent of her body at a hospital in the Indian capital on Wednesday, said Yadram Singh, the state police constable in Uttar Pradesh.

“Unfortunately, she could not be saved despite the best efforts of the medical staff,” said Ashwani Kumar, the investigating officer in the case.

The attack had taken place in a village in the northern India state on Monday.

A 20-year-old suspect has been arrested and charged with several offenses, including rape and attempted murder, in connection with the assault, which he is accused of having carried out against the victim on the rooftop of her house.

The victim’s death would change the attempted murder charge to murder.

Media reports quoted the girl’s father as saying that a neighbor had been harassing his daughter for a year. The father had filed a police complaint against the man and police had issued a warning to the person. It was not immediately clear, however, if the neighbor in question is the same individual arrested and charged.


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