Seven policemen killed, scores wounded in Pakistan attacks

Two separate attacks on Pakistani police forces have left seven officers killed, as the violence against security forces continues to rage across the country.

Sri Lanka's economy expected to moderate in 2015 due to political transition

Postwar economic recovery in Sri Lanka is expected to moderate in 2015 as investors await clarity on the new administration's plans for governance reform and economic policy, the Asian Development Bank's flagship annual economic publication, Asian Development Outlook 2015 (ADO), released today says.

Sri Lanka Tourism includes Scandinavian countries in focus market drive

The leadership of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau has re looked its overall portfolio of markets and has strategically selected Scandinavian countries as one of the key globally focused areas to market Sri Lanka as a destination for travel in the future.

Pakistan: About 311 Thar children died in 11 months

A latest report prepared by the provincial government vis-à-vis the drought situation in Thar shows that 311 children under five years of age have died between December, 2013 and November this year, it emerged on Sunday.