Bangladesh court orders Zia's trial

A top court in Bangladesh has rejected opposition leader Khaleda Zia's requests to scrap her indictment for embezzlement.

India: About 321 candidates in sixth phase have criminal cases against them

A total of 321 out of 2,071 candidates from 117 seats that will go to polls on April 24 in the sixth phase in India have criminal cases against them.

Indian deltas are sinking

Indian deltas are sinking, and no, it is not because of sea level rise. "Humans are sinking deltas four times faster than the sea level is rising," says American professor of oceanography and geology at the University of Colorado, James Syvitski.

Bangladesh can eradicate extreme poverty by 2021, analysts say

Bangladesh has the capacity to eradicate extreme poverty by 2021, well before other countries in the subcontinent, analysts said.