Iran’s gas pipeline may extend to Bangladesh

Tehran’s Ambassador to Dhaka says Iran is ready to talk extending the “peace pipeline” to Bangladesh which envisages exports of the Iranian gas to Pakistan and India.

Anger as India's growth fails to provide employment

India's economy expanded by seven percent in the last quarter, making it one of the world's fastest-growing, but experts say violent protests over jobs in the prime minister's own state last week are a sign many are still not feeling the benefits.

India floods threaten rare one-horned rhinos

Hundreds of rare rhinos and other animals are fleeing flooding in India's northeast, raising fears of a rise in poaching during the exodus, a senior wildlife official said Tuesday.

Over 70% of Everest glacier may be lost by 2100

Over 70 per cent of the glacier volume in the Mount Everest region in the Himalayas could be lost in 85 years if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, a new paper suggests. It also indicates more flood risk in the future in the Kosi river downstream from Nepal to …