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Thursday, 22 August 2013 16:57

Pakistani analyst charges US, West for playing negative role against Iran

Pakistani analyst charges US, West for playing negative role against Iran

A Pakistani analyst on Wednesday said that the US and some Western regimes have been playing a negative role against Iran since the success of Islamic Revolution.

Talking to IRNA, Syed Qandil Abbas, assistant Professor of International Relations at Quaid-e-Azam University of Islamabad asked the US to quit aggressive approach towards Iran for resolving the deputes.

He said that the US and West cannot digest the success of the Islamic Revolution because the Islamic Republic had stopped their interference in the region.

“The West after the Islamic Revolution had decided to place Iran under sanctions to cause problems for the survival of the Islamic Republic,” he said. The analyst said that west has to realize that progress of Iran cannot be stopped by cheap tricks.

Syed Qandil Abbas expressing his views said that Iran has used the western attitude towards them positively and developed technology indigenously which is a great achievement. However, he said that as the world has turned into a global village so no country can survive in isolation.

The intellectual was of the opinion that the basic objective of the West against Iran is to isolate the Islamic Republic.

The analyst said that the new President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has given an opportunity to the West to resolve all issues with Iran by asking them to adopt the path of respect towards the Islamic Republic.

The educationist noted that Iran is the signatory of the NPT and the west should facilitate Iran in their peaceful nuclear program.

He said that the Western regimes and the US despite knowing the fact that the illegal Zionist entity is developing a military orientated nuclear program are providing all kinds of assistance to the dangerous nuclear program of this illegitimate state.

Syed Qandil Abbas said that west always wants to keep a police man in the Middle East and for this they are using the Zionist regime.


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