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Thursday, 25 July 2013 14:22

Indian religious scholar terms EU ban on Hezbollah “an act of coward”

Strongly condemning the ban on Hezbollah by European Union, Pairwan-e-Wilayat Chairperson Moulana Sibiti Mohammad Shabir Qumi Wednesday termed it 'an act of coward'.


In his press Statement issued in Srinagar, copy of which mailed to IRNA, he said that this ban cannot weaken the spirit of Hezbollah. Moulana Qumi added that the ban on Hezbollah by European Union clearly indicates that Europeans have accepted their defeat.

He said that the way Hezbollah’s brave soldiers are up against in the battle field against enemy is encouraging message for the Muslims.

Moulana Qumi said despite Europe earlier too has swung to these coward bans but they achieved nothing at the avail other than failures.

Qumi further said that Muslim world should remain cautioned towards the powers like America and other European counties, adding that Muslim world should come up with the policies to foil the unabated violations done by these brutal powers.

He appealed Muslim world for unity which he stressed will be the impulsive defeat of European powers.

Moulana Qumi said that the way America is interfering in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine is a dangerous conspiracy. He added to defeat such gimmicks and conspiracy the unity among Muslims in world is utmost important.


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