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Thursday, 30 May 2013 18:47

Dialogue only way to find political solution to Syrian crisis: Pakistani Editor

A Pakistani editor on Wednesday said that Tehran’s international conference on Syria was a step forward to restore peace in the nation.


Speaking to IRNA, Saleem Bukhari editor of daily ‘The Nation’ referred to dialogue as the only way to resolve issues.

He stressed the need for forging unity among Muslim Ummah to frustrate plans made by US and Zionists against Islam.

Representatives of 40 world countries participated in the international ˈFriends of Syriaˈ meeting in Tehran which focused on seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis in that country.

Saleem Bukhari added Iran has always played a front line role to solve the problems of Muslim Ummah. “They have always adopted an independent stance on political issues related to Muslims,” said the analyst.

“I have been to Iran so many times to attend conferences regarding Muslim Ummah related problems,” the editor said.

He went on to say that Iran sincerely wanted to find a political solution to the crises of Muslims.

He added Iran was striving hard to unite Ummah to solve Muslims problems.

Saleem Bukhari said that on the issue of Syria, Iran was playing a key role to restore peace in the Arab state.

He said US and Zionists were playing a negative role in Syria and wanted to punish the country for resisting Zionist regime’s aggressive policies in the Middle East.

He regretted that some Muslim countries have also become part of the conspiracy against Syria.

“The conference to find a political solution to crisis in Syria is a bold step by Iran,” said Saleem Bukhari. The analyst added that it was an attempt to bring a true picture of Syrian crisis to the world.

He called for an end to foreign interference in Syria for restoring peace in that country. The editor added that Iran wanted to take all stake holders on board to bring stability in Syria.

The journalist said that the conference would help in finding the political solution to Syrian crisis.

Saleem Bukhari said that the US was playing a dangerous game by backing the Zionists’ conspiracy to destabilize Syria.

He was of the view that Syria was being destabilized for supporting Palestinians and Hezbollah. “Syria is a strong defence post of Muslims,” he noted.


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