Indian forces clash with Kashmiri protesters at rallies

More than two dozen people have been injured in a series of fierce clashes between New Delhi’s forces and the demonstrators protesting against the killing of a civilian in Indian-administered Kashmir.

India: Bengaluru shutterbug captures rare Partridge

The Wikipedia page shows only a sketch for an image. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which categorises the bird as vulnerable, has only a colourful painting — at least two decades old — as reference.

India: Bengaluru fares worse than Delhi in air quality

Delhi’s severely high pollution levels during the winter months drives it to India’s worst annual air quality levels, but on individual days, several Indian cities often experience worse air quality. For the first week of April, for example, the urban area with the worst air quality of 17 locations analysed …

India: 37 pc girl students in Telangana State face sexual abuse

Nearly two-thirds of girl students studying senior intermediate in rural areas of Telangana State in Southern India have to earn to contribute towards their education, a new study on impediments to girls’ education, has found.