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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 17:48

India: Survey spots 51 odonate species in Munnar

India: Survey spots 51 odonate species in Munnar

The four-day odonate survey, organised by the Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department in association with the Kottayam Nature Society and Travancore Natural History Society, has identified 51 species of dragon and damsel flies in the high altitude Munnar landscape.


G. Prasad, Wildlife Warden at Munnar, told The Hindu that Davenport’s False Spreadwing, Red Veined Darter, Laidlaw’s Clawtail and Plain Sinuate Clubtail were the rare sightings during the survey that came to a close on Saturday.

Of the 51 species identified, 44 were spotted in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Survey teams observed large-scale migration of Global Wanderer (commonly known as ‘Onathumbi’) at the Kurinjimala and Chinnar wildlife sanctuaries, he said.

Acccording to Tom Augustine of the Kottayam Nature Society, these dragon flies migrate all across the Indian sub-continent in the monsoon winds and cross the Arabian Sea to Africa. Travancore Torrent Dart, Blue Darner, Coorg Bambootail and Blue-tailed Forest Hawk were also recorded during the survey, he said.

Mr Prasad said the study of the odonates was important as they were good indicators of environment and habitat quality and the survey results too amply indicated the same. The survey teams could spot only 11 species at Kurinjimala wildlife sanctuary, which is a disturbed habitat because of its wattle plantation and agricultural lands, he said.

B. Sreekumar, KNS president, said pollution of water bodies due to agricultural chemicals posed a big threat to dragon flies.

The survey was led by Kalesh Sadasivan, Kiran C.G, David V. Raju, and Toms Augustine. Prabhu P.M, and Siby K. E, Assistant Wildlife Wardens, monitored the survey team under the guidance of Prasad.

Courtesy – The Hindu, India’s English Language Daily


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