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Saturday, 03 October 2015 19:47

Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up by 36 percent in September 2015

Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up by 36 percent in September 2015

Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals rose 35.9 percent in September this year compared to the same period last year, the data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) showed.


According to Colombo Page, the month recorded 143,374 tourists arriving in the country compared to the 105,535 arrived in September 2014.

In the first nine months of this year 1,315,839 tourists visited the island, an increase of 17.1 percent compared to the 1,107,178 recorded for the same period in 2014.

Arrivals from North America increased 41.3 percent to 5,419 in September. Arrivals from US were up 47.5 percent to 3,232 while arrivals from Canada increased by 33.0 percent to 2,187 during the month.

Tourist arrivals from Western Europe increased 26.9 percent in September with the arrival of 35,819 tourists, compared to the 28,234 tourists arrived in the same month last year. Most of the tourist arrivals from Western Europe were from the UK and Germany.

Arrivals from Eastern Europe increased 21.9 percent with the arrival of 8,601tourists in September 2015 compared to the 7,058 arrived in September 2014. However, tourist arrivals from Eastern Europe declined this year by 5.5 percent due to the economic recession in Russia and the crisis in Ukraine.

Arrivals from Middle East increased 65.9 percent with 13,752 visitors arriving in September 2015.

Tourist arrivals from East Asia increased 34.9 percent as 31,729 visited the country compared to the 23,516 visited in September 2014. Arrivals from China compared to last year increased 54.0 percent with the arrival of 20,502 visitors while arrivals from Japan declined 6.2 percent.

Arrivals from South Asia increased by 41.8 percent as 40,498 tourists visited the island in September 2015. Of those arrived from South Asia, 27,233 were from India corresponding to an increase of 41.5 percent.

In the first seven months of this year Earnings from Tourism increased by 16.8 percent and Sri Lanka earned US$ 1.6 billion from tourism.

Sri Lanka exceeded its target of 1.5 million tourist arrivals last year and earned US$ 2.206 billion from tourism.

The Tourism Authority has set a target of 2 million tourist arrivals this year and 2.5 million by 2016.


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