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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 20:15

India media slam 'powerless' government

Indian newspapers heaped scorn on an embarrassed government Wednesday, saying two massive power failures that blacked out half the country had made it an international laughing stock.
New Delhi – Massacre of Rohingya Muslims of Arakan region of Myanmar is “a blot on the face of humanity”, said an eminent Indian Shiite Muslim Scholar.
Islamabad – Pakistani educationist on Monday endorsed the remarks of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the arrogant powers seek to save the Zionist regime in the region.
Islamabad – A senior member of Pakistan’s top Islamic party on Satuday said that western countries have to quit the policy of double standards towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.
New Delhi – An Indian official Saturday urged the UN to impose sanctions on Myanmar over human rights abuses committed against Rohingya Muslims of Arakan region of Myanmar.
New Delhi – India accounted for 56 percent of the world's new leprosy infections in 2010 despite declaring itself free of the nerve-destroying disease five years earlier, a report said …
Expressing grave concern over the ethnic violence in Myanmar, an Indian leader Thursday strongly condemned the motivated massacre of Rohingya Muslims of Arakan region of Myanmar.
Islamabad – Religious Pakistani leader on Tuesday said that Arab League has become a platform to safeguard American interests in the Middle East.
Islamabad – Former Chief of Pakistan’s major religious party said here Monday Strait of Hormuz is an important strategic point for Iran and the Islamic Republic is the only country …
New Delhi – Urging for an end to violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's Arakan region, an eminent Indian Religious scholar Thursday condemned the inhuman act.
New Delhi – Strongly condemning the mass killing, an Indian academician sought help of the UN towards seeking an end to violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
Islamabad – Senior leader of Pakistan’s top religious party on Wednesday condemned atrocities against Muslims in Myanmar and asked international organizations to play effective role to stop the bloodshed of …
Islamabad – A senior Pakistani lawmaker on Tuesday said that Islamic Republic of Iran can play a positive role for restoring peace in Syria.
Islamabad – Pakistani media on Thursday gave wide coverage to the remarks of the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei that Iran is much stronger today despite sanctions.
Democracy in Nepal has more lives than a cat. It never fails to revive every time it is proclaimed dead. And, that has happened many times since multi-party democracy was …
A U.S. operation in the mountains near Afghanistan last November killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan wanted an apology. The U.S. refused. In response, Pakistan shut down supply routes to Afghanistan …
Islamabad – A former Pakistani minister on Friday said that dialogue process between Iran and Group 5+1 would help eliminate propaganda against Iran.
Islamabad – Spokesperson of a major political party on Tuesday viewed that sanctions have failed to stop Iran from achieving targets.
New Delhi – India is likely to miss the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) related to maternal health as one maternal death is being reported every 10 minutes in the country …
Islamabad – Three-in-four Pakistanis consider the United States an enemy country, a new survey conducted by the Washington-based Pew Global Attitudes Project indicates.