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An Indian politician Wednesday appreciated Iran for capturing American spy drone.
Pakistani Professor on Saturday said that the concept of human rights has become a tool to pressurize independent states like Iran.
Deputy Chief of Pakistan’s major religious party on Thursday condemning the United Nations (UN) resolution against Iran said that the issue of human rights has become a tool of exploitation.
As many as 7,253 theft and 549 drugging cases in trains were reported till September 2012, according to Railway Ministry data.
A Pakistani parliamentarian said here Monday recent visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Pakistan has opened new avenues of bilateral cooperation.
Pakistani military and civil experts are secretly racing to develop surveillance and armed drones in order to tackle militancy across the militant-riddled region, media reports say.
A Pakistani Shiite Muslim religious leader on Thursday said that US has started war in Muslim regions just to protect the Zionist regime.
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 17:57

Bangladesh slips in tobacco-control rating

A global report on Tuesday lowered Bangladesh's position in tobacco control as it is yet to introduce picture health warnings on tobacco packs even though more countries worldwide adopted the …
Downplaying Zionist regime’s threats to Islamic Republic of Iran, an Indian religious scholar said that Israel is violating the norms of UN resolutions.
A provincial chief of Pakistani’s top religious party asked US President Barack Obama Wednesday to respect the sovereignty of Iran and stop pursuing aggressive policies towards independent states after his …
A prominent Pakistani religious said scholar here Monday Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in world that can help resolve crisis in Syria.
Central leader of Pakistan’s top religious party on Friday held US responsible for disturbing world peace adding that the country has to stop following anti-Islam policies.
Senior Pakistani analyst on Tuesday said that talks between Iran and 5+1 group must continue to settle the issues through peaceful solutions.
More than 19,000 chicken and 13,300 emu birds are to be culled at the Central Poultry Development Organisation at Hesaraghtta in Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka state, where avian influenza …
Chief of Shia Ulema Council on Sunday said that Iran being an independent state has the right to protect its sovereignty and integrity in talks with world powers.
A Pakistani parliamentarian said here Friday imperialist powers are trying to divert Islamic movements in Arab world from their original paths.
Sunday, 21 October 2012 19:02

Pakistani journalist slams EU satellite ban

A senior Pakistani journalist on Saturday strongly condemned European Union (EU) ban on Iranian satellite channels adding that the decision is against the concept of freedom of expression.
An Indian religious scholar Wednesday slammed Qatari Mufti, Yusuf al-Qaradawi over baseless anti-Iran allegations.
A senior Pakistani defence analyst on Saturday termed the US led drone strikes as ‘murderous attacks’.
A senior Pakistani journalist on Tuesday termed western embargoes against Iran as unjustified and illegal adding that the Islamic Republic cannot be isolated by such moves.