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Tuesday, 19 May 2015 09:16

Indian Muslims protest against Hindus' extremism

Indian Muslims protest against Hindus' extremism

The Indian Muslim Scholars Community once again protested against the efforts made by extremist Hindu groups to besmirch the image of Muslims. They also warned against the consequences of such measures. According to the leader of the community, Arshad Madani, the Indian Muslims have fought for the independence of the country against the British dominance and continue to support their country in face of any threat. He stressed that the community that succeeded to stand up against Britain, which didn't want the sun to set in its empire, will not bow down before the minor groups inside the country.


Madani underlined that hundreds of thousands of Muslims could leave for Pakistan but they decided to stay in India and make effort for their country.

Denouncing the anti-Islamic campaigns in India, the cleric announced that some people inside and outside the country try to launch campaigns to suggest that religion, culture, laws and identity is insecure in our country. Arshad Madani also condemned the Indian government's silence vis-à-vis these moves adding, "We should make sure that no child will be deprived of the right of education."

Before holding the public election in 2014 and when the BJP introduced Narendra Modi, the first minister of Gujarat, as its nominee for premiership, the internal circles predicted that if this nationalist party took power Muslims and other minorities would be more coerced and pressured. This was because of the fact that during his tenure in Gujarat State, Modi had unleashed many instances of bloody violence against Muslims in 2002 which led to massacre of thousands of Muslims and burning of hundreds of houses and hearths of Muslims. Coming to power of the BJP has created opportunity for the extremist Hindu organizations such as Shiv Sena to heap allegations against Muslims in a bid to pave the ground for detainment of Muslim youths. This has been time and again criticized by Muslim clerics in India.

The Muslim community has always played a determining role in India especially at the time of the country's independence in 1947.

In sum, Indian Muslims expect the government to counter anti-Islamic moves of the Hindus so that they are prevented from abusing the government's power; hence this will be to the benefit of BJP itself in the long run.


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