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Sunday, 25 May 2014 12:48

Mourners commemorate Imam Kazem

Today on the 25th of Rajab, the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Mousa Kazem (AS), the 7th infallible successor of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH and his progeny), hundreds of thousands of mourners have assembled at his holy shrine in Kazemain, north of Baghdad.

In the town of Boda in the Central African Republic, some 14,000 Muslims are living under siege.

Sunday, 13 April 2014 05:55

Commemoration of Martyrs' Mothers Day

Fatimah bint Hizam al-Qilabiyya, known as Umm al-Banin (literally ‘mother of sons’), married Imam Ali after the death of his 1st wife, Lady Fatimah Zahra. Umm al-Banin had four sons who all were martyred on the Battle of Karbala (c. 680 AD) for which she is entitled Mother of Martyrs and her birth anniversary is the occasion for Commemoration of Mothers of Martyrs in Iran.