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Friday, 09 May 2014 08:11

The rise of Islamophobia in the World

Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Mehdi Geramifard with Glyn Spark; a researcher with London-based Human Rights Commission on the situation of Muslims around the world who are suffering internal and external abuse and the rise of Islamophobia.

QUESTION: Muslims around the world who are suffering internal and external abuse. There are so many talks in the press and media about the oppression of Muslims around the world and the rise of Islam-phobia. First of all looking at the prosecution of the Muslims around the world do you think it is a series of unrelated events and do you think there is a bigger agenda here?

ANSWER: I think it is a mix of the things. There are certainly unrelated events that are occurring and there are certainly people around the world who have seen that the Muslims are being prosecuted across the world and there is little or no interests in the international community in protecting those Muslims and these people take advantage of that within a local context and within the national context in order to prosecute Muslims. It is very clear that there is also a much wider agenda and conspiracy to prosecute Muslims across the world. We have seen in so many cases that Muslims have been prosecuted in a very extremely way that they have been subjected to even the extent of genocide. We have seen how the West, the United States and the United Kingdom and France in particular have done so that they could be sure that the Muslims are unable to defend themselves or that they have actually provided the prosecutors, the people who have committed the genocide with arms with funding and with diplomatic cover that they cannot be presented and that was very clearly the case in Bosnia for instance. The western powers, the US, UK and France in particular were giving diplomatic cover to the Serbs to committee genocide against the Bosnian Muslims and this is well documented.

QUESTION: Does it have anything to do with the rise of Islam-phobia and will the West be successful in escalation of Islam-phobia particularly in the western countries?

ANSWER: I don’t think you can say that there is a rise of Islam-phobia it has led to the rise of Islam-phobia in the western countries and indeed the entire world, but we have to remember that the hatred of Muslims has been very active for centuries. You know the British did it in India in the 19th century, the Russia did it in Ukraine in the 18th to 19th century, and the France has been involved in genocides against Muslims all over the Africa, but north and south of Africa at least for the couple of a hundred of years, so it is not something new by the enemies, but I think it is something that has become much more a part of the consciousness of ordinary people in the West because of the rise of the modern media and the fact that they can see all the things going on and the fact that they are subjected to propaganda in the western media and say that these Muslims did care for anyone, so let’s kill them and the propaganda by the western politicians such as Tony Blair who constantly bans on Muslims and say that we’ve got to put them down and we’ve got to destroy them and this sort of message by people of influence and power in the West and it is just constant and of course this is the Islam-phobia, but the actual persecution of the Muslims has been since last centuries.

QUESTION: You know people  would obviously argue that things like 9/11 was carried out by Muslims and that Muslims should be surveyed more than other groups of people, but what would you say to me? How would you respond to that?

ANSWER: The question behind is that what did happen on the 9/11 even in the United States for many figures both scientists and people who have been part of the government at the time and who have been in a very senior government position who have questioned the conventional narratives about 9/11 and have even spoken out and said that it is not simply possible that things happened in the way they happened in 9/11 and there must have been some sort of government elusion through the CIA in particular and probably by the Israelis as well and even if these 90 perpetrators of alleged perpetrators of 9/11 were Muslims which again is questionable then maybe there were some questions about what happened in 9/11 and yeah there are Muslims insurgences all over the world, because the Muslims are so horrendously prosecuted in some parts of the world and denied their rights and even denied their lives and their families’ lives, so they spite back and that is natural and who wouldn’t. 


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