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Monday, 21 April 2014 07:29

Increasing level of violence against Palestinians by Israeli settlers

Increasing level of violence against Palestinians by Israeli settlers

Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Mehdi Geramifard with Christoph Hoerstel, government and business consultant based in Berlin-Germany about increasing level of violence against Palestinians by Israeli settlers.

QUESTION: According to the United Nations’ reports there were at least 400 incidents of Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in 2013. What do you see as the root cause for these settlers’ violence against Palestinians? What is the root cause that 400 incidents settler violence according to the UN in 2013 alone?

ANSWER: I think that the root cause is the undeclared openness of the Israeli government to allow this kind of violence against innocent Palestinians by the settlers. We have a recent research in Germany and a lady has written a book on that in Israel we have a type of settlers’ colonialism and this is exactly what happens in Palestine since more than 2 generations now and of course it is not justice. If the Israeli government and the world community were not as tolerant as they are towards these crimes that would not happen.

QUESTION: Why do you think this level of violence is increasing and why do Israeli forces lack in action when it comes to this settlers’ abuse?

ANSWER: in fact I think that there were more than 400 cases. I don’t know what kind of specific background was for that count by the UN. In any case as long as the Israeli government and the world community and the US is as tolerant as it is these things will continue and they will continue to grow and that is a very bad situation, because with the US reputation worldwide falling criticism against Israel is rising and of course tensions are rising, so this is in fact destabilizing the whole globe.

QUESTION: Right now the types of actions the Palestinians can take are limited. What do you think with the Palestinian authority now attempting to join international organizations it can actually do something and have its voice been heard by the international bodies?

ANSWER: Yes, of course. I highly appreciate the Palestinian step to unilaterally go and take their right for the first time and many years and make sure that they have access to all these organizations and the kind of criticism this has drawn from both the US and Israel that shows that they are going the right way, so of course every Palestinian knows that f you have access to these international organizations it will help. It will not create miracles we understand, but of course it will help and in the long run it will prove to be a very right policy.

QUESTION: What do you think have been the gains and the costs for the Israeli regime as the result of the settler violence?

ANSWER:  I do think in fact that on a short term maybe the settlers were satisfied with the result of the violence that they have made some gains and that they have pushed back the Palestinians to use the certain road, but in fact if we look at the overall situation it has not only gained nothing it has made a very bad name of Israel and the very bad name of the US and it has aggravated the whole situation in the Middle East and that is such a great loss in fact for the aggressive powers in this game that one thing is very clear that they have been blinded by the short term gains to the mid-term and long term loses.

QUESTION: What is your thought on the recent campaign of boycotting Israel? Do you believe given the fact that many international bodies remain silent with regard to Israeli violations this is a positive step in a way of showing opposition and condemnation to the actions that the Israelis carry out in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza as well?

ANSWER:  Well, I look at it in this way that the boycott, sanctions, and disinvest policy are in fact the only policy I can see in the long run which is really highly effective against this kind of Israeli oppression against the Palestinians. It is a very good way I think from my side and I am not impartial in this and I am not just watching things. I have been doing quite lot in Germany and that is growing.

QUESTION: Don’t you think that Israel has been emboldened by the silence of the international community whenever it commits crimes against the Palestinians?

ANSWER: Yeah, this is just what I said at the beginning, but if I am wanted to think about a strategic tool how to stop this silence and how to make people more aware that they can do something in fact against this crazy and too-long lasting injustice in Palestine that is the sanctions and the boycotts and that is the best tool for being successful and it was in South Africa to stop the Apartheid State and that will be highly successful in stopping Israel the next Apartheid State.

QUESTION: When we are speaking about the United Nations do you think that the United Nations has been pushing pressure on Israel when it comes to its own project when it comes to the humanitarian aspects of the situation in Gaza?

ANSWER: Never, unfortunately over the last 25 or 30 years I have seen the impartiality of the United Nations which was never there in fact and which was especially in the case of the poor Palestinians a really one-sided affair that this impartiality was further in crouched especially by the US and NATO and that is a very bad situation, so that the United Nations is now in the worst shape ever and that is a very sorry thing especially for the Palestinians.


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