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A political analyst says the thousands of lives lost across the Muslim world during the month of Ramadhan through Saudi-funded terrorist attacks belie Saudi Arabia’s ostensibly charitable bid to make …
A senior Iranian lawmaker has warned against an American-Zionist scheme to trigger internal crises in Islamic countries by using Takfiri groups in the region.
Blood and tears kept on flowing through the streets of Islam countries despite the month Ramadhan, regarded as the month of peace, tranquillity, and prosperity.
An Iranian parliamentarian says a massive turnout in the International Quds Day rallies will prove the strength and unity of Muslim forces.
Wahabi and Salafi clerics issue fatwas against political activists, paving the way for the Riyadh government to prosecute Saudi protesters, a political commentator says.
Thousands of Rohingyas from Myanmar are fleeing persecution to countries elsewhere in the region, underscoring the need for a stronger regional solution, activists and experts say.
Foreign powers attempt to fabricate and benefit from Shiite-Sunni discord in Iraq and elsewhere, seeking to see the Muslim world weakened in the wake of such rifts, an international human …
The West’s campaign to overthrow the Syrian government is losing ground both in its military aspect and propaganda scenario, says a political analyst said.
Despite US pledges of arming foreign-backed insurgents in Syria, such aid has not yet materialized amid reports that American Arab ally Qatar is arming radical factions that rival the “moderate” …
A human rights advocate has called for an end to racial profiling of Muslims in India.
The ouster of Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi by the country’s army is a “major setback” for the foreign-backed terrorists operating in Syria, an analyst says.
The Liberties and Human Rights Department in Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society revealed numbers of the regime’s violations in June 2013. The number of arrests in June totaled up to 183, …
The prominent Lebanese religious scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qatan ripped into Salafi groups for their murderous acts in Egypt and pointed out the groups are the arrogant world’s stooges in the …
A new research has warned that around half of mosques and Islamic centers in Britain have been subjected to Islamophobic attacks since 9/11, as political analysts blamed the government for …
Saudi Arabia’s violent crackdown on peaceful anti-regime protesters, which has led to the death of number of activists, amounts to genocide, a political analyst tells Press TV.
The Palestine prisoners center for studies charged the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) with practicing systematic torture against Palestinian prisoners with full authorization by the judicial system.
Syrian Amy forces have killed a number of Saudi terrorists during mop-up operations against foreign-backed armed men in the country’s principal port city of Latakia.
It was few hours after Bahraini Foreign Minister Khaled bin Ahmed Aal-e Khalifa attacked Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah that Bahrainis themselves reacted against his attack.
A former Pakistani ambassador analyst on Wednesday urged Muslim countries to follow Islamic democratic system like Iran.
The Aal-e Khalifa regime is using a telecommunication program procured from a British company to spy on the Bahraini citizens' emails and cell phones.