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Tuesday, 09 September 2014 12:05

The turmoil among the Takfiris

The savagery of the Takfiris in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere has horrified their creators, and in order to avoid loss of credibility among Muslims, rather than sincere repentance, the godfathers of all Salafi outfits have begun to distance themselves from the products of their own evil minds.

Recently Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Aal-e Sheikh, the Mufti Azam or senior jurist of Saudi Arabia, took a U-turn from his hitherto radical support of Takfiri groups such as al-Qa’eda and the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, by terming them as the greatest enemies of Islam. He said “this group has nothing to do with Islam”, and went on to dub them as “today’s Khawarij” –the outcasts or renegades from Islam. According to reports, the Saudi Mufti is said to have issued a fatwa saying that killing of the Takfiris and confiscating of their property is considered Mobah or “religiously permissible”.

According to analysts, the Takfiris have turned out to be Frankensteins, and this has sent shivers down the spines of their creators. In his statement, the Wahhabi Mufti of Saudi Arabia said: “Extreme, radical and prejudicial thoughts cause corruption and destruction on earth. Not only such ideas are unconnected to Islam, but those who espouse such tendencies are the archenemies of Islam.” Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Aal-e Sheikh went on to say that the main victims of such radical thoughts are Muslims as is evident from the sanguine crimes being perpetrated by ISIS and al-Qa’eda.

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Aal-e Sheikh’s new position came following ISIS threats to attack Persian Gulf Arab states including Saudi Arabia. It is interesting to note that this change of position by the top Wahhabi jurist came after the United States and certain West European states approved a resolution at the UN Security Council against ISIS, calling for mobilization of regional and world countries to fight Takfiri terrorists. This has given rise to speculations on possible connection between the chief Wahhabis cleric and the new American and European approach towards the Takfiris. The question arises as to why western countries have revised their position and issued a resolution against ISIS after several years of support for terrorist activities in Iraq and Syria?

This group has been committing different kinds of crimes against humanity for many years, massacring thousands of women, children and the elderly in Syria and Iraq. Just recently, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged that the ISIS was created by the US and that the group's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has received training in Occupied Palestine from Mossad agents for carrying out acts of terrorism. Western regimes and their accomplices in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, have opened their coffers for flow of all kinds of financial and the military support for the Takfiris for creating the current humanitarian crisis in Syria.

The fact cannot be denied that the source of the illogical, bigoted, and un-Islamic thoughts of al-Qa’eda, ISIS and an-Nusra, is Wahhabism – a weird interpretation of Islam that is prevalent among the Saudi rulers. For instance, al-Qa’eda was established in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the financial and moral support of Saudi Arabia, in addition to military and intelligence backing from the United States and the illegal Zionist entity. As long as it was in line with their vested interests, these countries turned a blind eye to the medieval atrocities of the Takfiris, but when al-Qa’eda targeted western countries, it was immediately called a threat to the international community. The United States and its accomplices have made this as a pretext for intervention in Islamic countries, while tightening restrictions on Muslims residing in the West. Of course, this does not mean that they no longer consider the terrorist groups as a tool.
The Islamic Awakening Movement that swept through the Muslim states of North Africa and West Asia prompted Western regimes to prop up Salafi groups backed by Saudi Arabia in order to divert public opinion from the uprisings. The result was the turning of Syria into a hub for al-Qa’eda and its associates. First it was the an-Nusra Front that publicly declared its presence in Syria. The next was the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, which soon expanded its terrorist activities from Syria into neighboring Iraq. However, insatiable greed and ambition caused rivalry and led to armed conflicts between the an-Nusra and ISIS terrorist groups, resulting in the killing of hundreds of terrorists on both sides.

Despite these disputes and conflicts, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have not hesitated about providing various forms of military and financial assistance to the an-Nusra, the ISIS, and other extremist streams in Syria and Iraq. Although the radical streams have failed in their attempts to topple the elected government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey in collaboration with Western allies have used the presence of these terrorists groups as efficient tools for putting pressure on the Islamic Resistance movement in the region. The Saudi Wahhabi rulers thought that by relying on their financial strength and supporting the terrorist activities of al-Qa’eda, an-Nusra, the ISIS and other extremist currents, they can easily take hold of the pulse of developments in the Middle East and play the role of the main actor in the region. At the same time, the Wahhabi Muftis have indulged in double game. They have issued a kind of religiously-colored licenses for the crimes being perpetrated in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other Islamic countries. Of course, these so-called fatwas or verdicts have no relation with the Sunnah or Seerah, which means the practice and behaviour of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA). As a matter of fact, these fatwas are of devilish nature and against the spirit and letter of the teachings of Islam, such as the Jihad an-Nikah, which is a kind of religious camouflage for Takfiri terrorists to indulge in promiscuous acts with women under their rule, whether married or unmarried.

Based on the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet's Sunnah, the so-called Jihad an-Nikah is an unforgiveable sin and an unpardonable crime. There is no compulsion in Islam. God has forbidden Muslims from forcing others to accept Islam. The Prophet attracted hearts and minds towards the dynamism of Islamic teachings, rather than forcing anyone to express lip service to Islam. Islam does not permit the killing of fellow Muslims or looting of their property. On the contrary, the teachings of Islam specify that non-Muslims in Islamic societies are entitled to special rights as long as they do not revolt or show animosity towards the Islamic government.
Islam is thus a religion of mercy and kindness. It has special laws to guarantee the rights of all those who live under the banner of Islam – irrespective of their religious beliefs. Women, children, the elderly, and also non-Muslims have special rights in Islam. The status of women is lofty in Islam, compared to their use as commodities for promotion of commercial interests and carnal desires in the West, on the pretext of freedom and liberalization. Unfortunately, terrorist outfits like the ISIS and al-Qa’eda have degraded women to the status of chattel, in order to serve as stereotypes for the distorted concepts already existing in the West.

Of course, the Mufti Azam of Saudi Arabia is well aware of all these facts. He and other Wahhabi Muftis, despite their pretense to follow the Prophet's Sunnah and Seerah, are nothing more than tools for the power-hungry Wahhabi regime and their godfathers in the West. These Muftis issue fatwas in the interests of Aal-e Saud rulers and the overlords in the West, rather than the Prophet's Sunnah or the commandments of God in the holy Qur’an. This explains why the Saudi Muftis issue fatwas in support of terrorist groups such as al-Qa’eda, an-Nusra, the ISIS and the like. It is a bid to legitimize crimes against Islam. However, when the need arises, and when Saudi credibility is threatened in the Muslim world, these same Muftis issue fatwas branding the Takfiris as terrorists, and calling for jihad against them – well aware of the fact that no jihad will be carried out against the Salafis.


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