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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 09:10

Pressures mount on Myanmar Muslims

Pressures mount on Myanmar Muslims

Despite regional and international call for reducing pressures of extremist Buddhists on Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, reports on the ground indicate the reverse. In their latest round of pressures against Rohingya Muslims, the extremist Buddhists have made up their mind to prevent enrollment of Muslim children at their schools. 


The Myanmar government doesn't consider Muslims as its citizens; therefore, the extremist Buddhists have put their children's enrollment under the condition of their acknowledgement of being Bengali.

This means that just those Muslims can enroll their children that announce to be foreigners and Bengalis. The governmental universities, too, rarely enroll Rohingya Muslims.

After 2 years of ethno-religious cleansing in Myanmar, extremist Buddhists continue murdering, pillaging and raping Rohingya Muslims. In line with this, Buddhist monks have called for severance of relations with Islamic firms and even sanctions against them.

The ethnic movement of Buddhists, led by the extremist monks, had in the past sanctioned trade with Muslims and had called for approval of a bill to ban business of Buddhists with Muslims.

The pressures of the extremist Buddhists and the indifference of the Myanmar government toward Muslims' situation in Rohingya have denied Muslims in Rakhine province their basic medical necessities.

Recently, extremist Buddhists attacked the humanitarian organizations in Sitwi, the center of Rakhine province. The offices of the UN Refugee Agency were razed to the ground and the relief workers, who helped Muslims, were forced to leave the area. Presently, tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have no access to medical facilities in different encampments of Myanmar and since the exit of the international relief workers the Myanmar governmental physicians have visited the Muslims camps just three times. Moreover, no Muslim can trust Buddhists for transferring him/her to hospital. The Buddhists' community hurdles Muslims from leaving encampments and blocks the way of humanitarian organizations to extend help to the refugees.

In addition to the tortures and harassments against Muslims, a human rights group announced on Monday that the Myanmar security forces torture civilians in Kachin province on a daily basis.

The Fortify Rights group based in Bangkok, Thailand, has announced that it has interviewed with 78 people who were tortured or witnessed the tortures of the Myanmar army, police and intelligence organization against people. The victims of torture have reported improper conducts of the Myanmar military including striking with knife, beating and tying cables round the necks of prisoners.

Mathew Smith, executive director of the Fortify Rights group, said, "Torture and misconducts that are done in Kachin province are the instances of war crimes and crimes against humanity; and little effort has been made to stop them and the Myanmar government encourages the extremist Buddhists to continue these acts by keeping silent."


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