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Wednesday, 05 August 2015 15:04

International conference on Islam and peace in Senegal

International conference on Islam and peace in Senegal

In late July, the Senegalese capital, Dakar, hosted an International Conference on Islam and peace, organized by the Ansar od-Din Association, which was set up way back in the 1940s during French colonial rule, and is now active in most West African states, including Nigeria, where the Takfiri terrorist outfit Boko Haraam is based and is posing a security threat to neighbourng states. It is rather unfortunate that Boko Haraam commits its crimes in the name of Islam as part of an intricate plot to tarnish the image of Islam.


The Dakar International Conference on Islam and Peace was part of gatherings being held in West African state to present the humanitarian aspects of Islam, and to expose the Boko Haraam as an anti-Islamic outfit. Senegal, which is 95 percent Muslim, has so far remained safe from the terrorist activities of this Takfiri group. The 3-day conference, attended by about 500 researchers, religious leaders, governmental officials and civil society representatives from 20 countries, focused on Islam’s role in promotion of peace, and harmony.

Boko Haraam could very well be called an offshoot of the history of crimes of the colonialists in West Africa, although it falsely claims to be campaigning against the harmful legacy of centuries of European rule. Though the crimes committed by the colonialists in Africa were worse and on a much larger scale than that of Boko Haraam, these Takfiri terrorists are actually distorting Islam in the interests of neo-colonialists. This is latest in the calamities that have struck Africa, ever since the Europeans abducted millions of black people and forced them into slavery in the New World.

The West European regimes, as well as the USA, are yet to apologize for their crimes against the black people. For instance, France, during its rule over Algeria massacred over a million Muslims, in addition to plundering the country’s rich natural resources. In other parts of West Africa, the French forcibly Christianized the black people.

The source of anti-Islamic currents is actually the West. In fact, it was neo colonialism that created such so-called Jihadi outfits like al-Qa’eda, Taliban, the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, and now Boko Haraam, in order to present a violent and terrorist image of Islam. These groups claim to be anti-Islamic but as is evident by their killing of fellow Muslims they are serving the cause of the enemies of Islam, including the Zionists. The western media portrays them Islamic puritans for tarnishing the image of Islam. Unfortunately, poverty and unawareness in many Islamic countries have been a recruiting ground for the Takfiri terrorists to deceive Muslims and utilize them in the name of Islam to distort Islam.

The joining of thousands of so-called Muslims from European and American countries to the ranks of the Takfiris, is also part of the same devilish plan. Currently, in addition to West Africa, these terrorist groups are destabilizing Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen. The aim of the Dakar Conference was thus to disprove the claim that such groups are Islamic or that violence is associated with Islam, which is the religion of peace, and harmony, without the least prejudice and extremism.


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