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Yathreb - A Brief Description

It was an old oasis town with plenty of springs and wells and the brush surroundings abounded with date palms, vineyards and orchards of pomegranates and other fruits. Situated 450 kilometres north of Makkah it was inhabited by the idol worshipping Arab tribes of Aws and Khazraj.


Certain Jewish tribes like Bani Quraidha, and Bani Mugheera and Bani Qainaqa' also dwelt in Madina and had migrated to the town centuries before, to await the last Messenger of Allah, whom they found foretold in their Scriptures. Deep enmity and a constant state of internecine warfare had sapped the energies of the two idolatrous Arab tribes, who had devastated each others' wealth and properties, in their blind hatred. In addition there was no love lost between the Arab and Jewish tribes. The Jews flaunting their sacred books used to mock the pagan Arabs, saying that soon a Prophet will emerge in Arabia and come to Yathreb and will put an end to their wicked ways.

But strangely enough when Prophet Muhammad [SAWA] did finally proclaim his Prophethood and emigrate to Yathreb, it were the Arab tribes of Aws and Khazraj who renounced idolatry and accepted Islam, while the chauvinistic Jews, whose forefathers had come to Arabia, for this very occasion, rejected the Prophet. Their pretext was he was an Arab descended from Prophet Abraham's elder son Ishmael, rather than Isaac and therefore unacceptable to the racist Israelites.

On the other hand, on Prophet Muhammad's [SAWA] historic entrance into Yathrib, the Aws and Khazraj recalling the Jews' prophecy hastened towards him and accepted Islam, burying once and for all the bloody hatchet of tribal rivalry. Almighty Allah filled their hearts with unity, which Arabia had never known before, and gathered them under Islam's majestic banner. The Israelites, treacherous as ever, turned away from Prophet Muhammad [SAWA] as they had rejected and betrayed Prophet Jesus 6 centuries ago.

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