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Sunday, 27 December 2015 05:56

Tupolev to let Iran make, market its planes

Tupolev to let Iran make, market its planes
Russia’s aviation giant Tupolev said on Saturday that it is ready to provide the license for production of its planes to Iran so that the country would build its planes and sell them in regional markets.

The announcement was made by a top Tupolev official who visited Iran for a major exhibition of Russian enterprises in the Iranian capital Tehran.

IRNA has quoted the deputy marketing director of Tupolev as saying that the company is even ready to provide Iran with trainings for its aviation experts as well as the transfer of technical know-how.

The official has told IRNA “Iran can make planes under the license of Tupolev and export them to the markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.”

He added “This will benefit both countries and is a typical format of cooperation that in the world. We earlier had a similar format of cooperation with China.”

Nevertheless, the official added that for this to become materialized, Iran and Russia will need to create a Russian-Iranian bank to handle the related financial proceedings pertaining to Tupolev’s proposed partnership.


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