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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 16:51

Iran defeats Turkey in World Artists Football Match

Iran defeats Turkey in World Artists Football Match
Iranian soccer players have continued their impressive performance and winning streak at the second edition of World Artists 7-Man Football Match in the Persian Gulf island of Qeshm, overcoming the Turkish side.

The Iranian team, which had trounced Japan 7-0 on the second day of the international sporting event at Qeshm’s Jahan Pahlevan Takhti Stadium a day earlier, defeated Turkey 6-4 in a highly contested match.

The Persians exerted a spell of pressure on Turks’ goal from the beginning of the game, and Mehdi Salehpour opened the scoring for Iran in the third minute.

He doubled Iran’s lead two minutes later, and scored a hat trick for the Iranian outfit in the fifth minute.

Turkish footballers had two golden scoring opportunities moments later and struck fine shots at Iran’s goalpost, which were saved brilliantly by Iranian goalkeeper Ebrahim Mizapour. The Iranians went into the break with a three-goal lead.

The Persians carried on the momentum as they returned to the field, seized a fine opportunity shortly after the break and put the ball into the back of the net to make it 4-0.

Mustapha Kujabi scored the opener for Turkey soon after, and Salepour netted Iran’s fifth goal in the 29th minute.

The Turks then disrobed their Iranian opponents off the ball in the penalty area, and reduced the deficit to 2-5.

Mehdi Shiri netted Iran’s sixth and final goal in the 36th minute. Turkish players could score two more goals just before the referee blew on his whistle and signaled the end of the match.

The second edition of World Artists 7-Man Football Match opened in Qeshm Island, Iran, on February 13, and will wrap up on February 19 2016.

The tournament has brought together teams from Azerbaijan, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Turkey

The Iranian capital city of Tehran hosted the first edition of World Artists 7-Man Football Match last February.

There are seven players on the field on each team, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A standard match consists of two equal periods of 20 minutes.


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