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Saturday, 30 January 2016 16:24

Iran claims Asia Kung Fu To'a Championship title

Iran claims Asia Kung Fu To'a Championship title

Iranian Kung Fu To’a artists demonstrated authoritative performance at the first edition of the Asian Kung Fu To’a Championship in the Islamic Republic, standing atop the podium.


On Friday, the Iranian sportsmen put an outstanding end to their campaign at Imam Hassan Mojtaba (peace be upon him) sports hall in the western Iranian city of Qasr-e Shirin, and stood at the top of the table with a total of 87 points.

Afghan competitors accumulated 41 points to finish as the vice-champion in the continental sporting event.

Pakistanis notched 21 points to stand on the bronze podium.

Iranian female kung fu fighters also landed in the first position of the tournament, and were followed by athletes from Afghanistan and Mongolia in the second and third places respectively.

The first edition of the Asian Kung Fu Championship started in the city of Qasr-e Shirin, western Iran, on January 25, and wrapped up on January 30.

Dozens of male and female athletes from 22 countries, including Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Pakistan, Syria and Tajikistan, took part in the six-day event.

The Islamic Republic of Iran received five gold medals in Mayana (freestyle semi-contact classic fight), two gold ones in Gilma, plus one gold and one bronze medals in stick fight forms.

Kung Fu To'a is a Persian martial art developed by grand master Ibrahim Mirzaei in the 1960s. The term Kung Fu To'a consists of the Chinese terms Kung (hard work) and Fu (path) as well as To'a (thou) derived from Farsi.

Kung Fu To'a consists of about 73,000 techniques, combinations and reactions. The practitioners of the martial art need to perform rapid and fluid movements, and utilize ingenious techniques, which are commonly called shocks and frequently finished by a twist.

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