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Saturday, 23 January 2016 16:46

Iranian athletes collect 3 medals in Asia cycling championship

Iranian athletes collect 3 medals in Asia cycling championship

Iranian male cyclists have displayed brilliant performances at the 36th edition of the Asian Cycling Championships in Japan and managed to receive three more medals, among them one gold.


On Saturday, Iran’s Mehdi Rajabi competed against rivals from various countries in the men’s road bicycle racing event at the Izu Velodrome in the central Japanese city of Izu, and picked up the gold medal.

Mohammad Ganjkhanlou, another representative from the Islamic Republic of Iran, stood on the bronze podium.

Alireza Haqqi also vied for a medal in the men’s individual time trial competitions on January 21, and clocked 60:25.03 to clinch the bronze medal.

Earlier on January 20, Amir Hossein Jamshidiyan produced dazzling performances in the face of men’s individual time trial races.

He clocked 60.25 seconds to stand behind a professional racing cyclist from Kazakhstan, who posted a winning time of 45.42 seconds to snatch the gold medal.

A representative from Japan clocked a time of 60.34 seconds to ride to a bronze medal in the men’s time trial.

The 36th edition of the Asian Cycling Championships, initially scheduled to open on January 19, started with a one-day delay and will wrap up on January 30.

Dozens of male and female athletes from several Asian countries, including China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazakhstan and Japan, are competing for top honors at the continental sporting event.

The Cycling Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has dispatched a 21-strong sporting delegation to the tournament.

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