Land of Light (28)

Welcome to the 28th weekly episode of the series Land of Light. If you remember, last week we said that as a 12-year old boy, Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny), upon hearing that his dear uncle and guardian Abu Taleb was leaving for Syria with …

Qatar hosts Persian music night

A special music program 'A Night with Persian Music' was held in Qatar with famous Iranian musicians Keivan Saket and Salar Aqili in attendance.

Ahvaz, first Iranian book capital

The perpetuity of every nation's civilization and culture is inseparably linked to science, wisdom, and knowledge. Expanding or narrowing these domains is highly related to book and book reading .If any nation follows education and learning it will undoubtedly guarantee its bright and developed future. The Iranian culture and civilization …

Canadian award for Iranian-Afghan drama

Iranian-Afghan drama ‘A Few Cubic Meters of Love’ has been awarded at the 2015 ReelWorld Film Festival in Canada.

Iranian metropolis unique in world

The Iranian metropolitan capital, Tehran, is more known to tourists as the political, economic and social heart of Iran, while the megacity has picturesque sceneries, museums and hundreds more of tourist charms for Iranians and foreigners.

President visits relief and rescue organizations

President Hassan Rohani has paid unexpected visits to the Iran Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Base, the Traffic Police Department, and Law Enforcement Forces of the city of Aradan in Semnan Province, and the city of Pakdasht, southeast of Tehran Province.

Senior Filipino official congratulates Iran’s New Year

The Chairman of the Philippines National Commission for Culture and Arts, Felipe M. de Leon, has congratulated Iranians on the arrival of the Iranian New Year (Norouz), and has considered this festivity as a means for establishment of coordination and understanding among people.

Iranian Notables, Sources of Global Honor (21)

Today, we continue our last week’s discussion on the famed Iranian philosopher, theologian, mathematician, astronomer, and poet of 7th Century AH, Khaje Nasir Ed-Din Tousi. We said that Mohammad Ibn Hassan Jahroudi Tousi, popularly known as Khaje Nasir Ed-Din Tousi, was born in the northeastern Iranian city of Tous in …