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Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili announced that the country will unveil new missile defense systems early in September.
Iranian researchers designed a sensor with the capability of rapidly detecting the amount of hydrogen existing in the environment.
The middle classes from developing countries are more susceptible than western Caucasians to obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in today's changing environment.
Iranian researchers from University of Tehran synthesized magnetic nanoparticles that showed appropriate function in treating cancer.
A new report by the Scopus website shows the Islamic Republic of Iran has ranked 21st in the world in terms of scientific productions in the field of biotechnology in …
Iranian researchers used a new method for the production of a type of nanoparticles, which does not require high temperature and therefore, it decreases the production cost.
Researchers discovered a new method for culturing stem cells which sees the highly therapeutic cells grow faster and stronger.
Iranian researchers produced a new type of nanoparticles that can be used in medical and pharmaceutical industries due to their antibacterial properties.
Iran's capital city of Tehran will host 13th International Exhibition of Kitchen, Bathroom, Sauna and Pool (KBSP) Industries and Equipment with the participation of domestic and foreign companies.
Children who develop asthma in Toronto are more likely to have been born in a neighborhood that has a high level of traffic-related air pollution, new research suggests.
Thursday, 25 June 2015 04:34

Iran to build hybrid electric cars

Iran Khodro has signed an agreement with two local universities to produce hybrid and electric cars, with the first models expected to roll down the production line in the next …
With help from giant telescopes on the ground and in space, astronomers have detected what may be some of the first stars ever to have formed in the universe.
Iranian researchers studied the effect of application of a type of polymer as the carrier of anticancer drugs.
The Rosetta mission’s lander, Philae, has “woken up” after seven months of hibernation on Comet 67P, the European Space Agency (ESA) says.
An Iranian scientist has discovered that WiFi signals can be used to count people in any given space, even if they are not carrying a wireless device.
Iranian researchers from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences synthesized nanoparticles that can be used to increase the contrast of MRI.
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 13:22

Iran unveils remote surgeon robot

Iran unveiled a surgeon robot named 'Sina' capable of carrying out surgical operations on patients from remote distances.
Two Iranian scientists have successfully created the first hybrid tissue-engineered heart valve with the use of a metal alloy.
Iran is planning to manufacture light passenger planes before the end of the current Iranian year (will end on March 19, 2016), Managing-Director of the Iranian Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) …
Head of Pasteur Institute of Iran Mostafa Qaneyee announced the country's self-sufficiency in hepatitis vaccine production, and said Iran can now start exporting the product to those nations in need.