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Saturday, 02 January 2016 14:48

Economic method applied to produce metal oxide nano-particles with optical properties

Economic method applied to produce metal oxide nano-particles with optical properties

Iranian researchers produced metallic nano-particles with specific optical properties.


The nano-particles produced in this research have applications in materials sciences, laser and information technology. The method used in this research can be considered as a new way for the production of nano-particles that increases efficiency and production rate in comparison with the usual methods.

The synthesis and design of metal nano-particles and their oxides has significantly grown in recent years due to the growth in their application in various sciences. Various methods have so far been used for the production of metal and metal oxide nano-materials, including radio methods, thermal degradation, chemical degradation and so on.
The majority of methods are time-consuming and expensive; therefore, the aim of the research was to obtain a high-efficient and quick method to synthesize metal oxide nanoparticles. Sono-electro-chemical method has been used to obtain this goal.

Sono-electro-chemical method is one of the simplest and most economic methods in the production of nano-particles. This method is a combination of ultrasonic waves with the convenient electro-chemical method. In this method, smaller particles at nano-metric dimensions are produced in comparison with the electro-chemical method. The application of ultrasonic waves significantly increases the reaction rate during the process.

Therefore, the new method has higher rate and efficiency in the synthesis of products in comparison with other methods. Due to their unique optical properties, the nano-particles produced in this method can be used in the production of laser, information technology, fluorescence sensors, transistors, and biological degradation.

Results of the research have been published in Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, vol. 22, 2015, pp. 382-390.

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