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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 13:47

Plasma focus device applied to produce zinc oxide nanofilms

Plasma focus device applied to produce zinc oxide nanofilms

A group of Iranian researchers used a new method to produce nanostructured films in a short period of time at room temperature.


The effect of thickness has been studied in this research on electronic and optical properties of the films. Zinc oxide is a desirable option for optical devices with low wavelengths. Structures based on zinc oxide also have applications in various aspects such as UV detectors, sensors, filters and solar cells.

The research was carried out to study the effect of production method and its related parameters on structural, appearance, optical and electrical properties of zinc oxide thin films. In this research, efforts have been made to evaluate the production of zinc oxide thin film at room temperature by using plasma focus device.

The use of plasma focus (PF) device to produce thin films has recently become popular among the researchers. This method is based on the sputtering of zinc nanoparticles and their chemical reaction with oxygen ions created by hot plasma collapse of oxygen inside the plasma focus device.

Lack of the need for a warmer to warm the substrate is one of the unique properties of production of thin films by using plasma focus device. The growth of the layer with significant thickness and adhesion at short time is another advantage of the method. This is considered a challenge in the growth of layers in many other deposition methods.
According to the researchers, results showed that zinc oxide thin films can be grown with desirable thickness on the surface by using this method.

Results of the research have been published in Ceramics International, vol. 41, 2015, pp. 15024-15033.

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