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Saturday, 14 November 2015 15:18

Iranian company mass-produces self-cleaning nanopaints

Iranian company mass-produces self-cleaning nanopaints

The Iranian Enterprise, Nilifam Rei, produced and presented to the market water-based self-cleaning nanopaints in industrial scale.


The major application of these paints is in painting the interior and exterior building surfaces, and they have very good resistance against the diffusion of dust and pollutions.

The company has obtained a product with anti-pollution and self-cleaning properties by using nanoparticles in the structure of its produced paints. The product is presented to the market under the commercial name of Nilifam®.

Mostafa Nikouqadam, sales expert of the company, explained the mechanism of the paints, and said, "The final produced paint contains nano-additives. Therefore, when the paint is imposed to pollution, the nanoparticles existing in the lower layers of the paint transfer the pollution into the surface, and they do not let the pollution stay in the depth of the surface. As a result, the pollution and dust on the surface are cleaned very easily by a simple washing."

The product has acquired Nano Scale Certification from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council. The product has been designed and presented to the market by using titan photocatalytic properties. Self-cleaning paints can be used in foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries and in hospitals as hygienic coating to prevent the growth of harmful microbes and bacteria as well as being used in construction industries.
According to the sales expert of the company, the use of the product protects the walls from pollution and destruction, and it is very cost-effective because of its high durability. In fact, the paints do not require any repair for about 10 years.

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