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Thursday, 12 November 2015 15:02

Laboratorial production of Nanodrug in Iran to treat intestine diseases

Laboratorial production of Nanodrug in Iran to treat intestine diseases

Iranian researchers succeeded in the production of nanodrugs with higher therapeutic effects but less side effects which can be delivered to the target tissue to cure intestine diseases.


According to the researchers, the main objective of the research was to produce target delivery nanodrug for the treatment of human intestine diseases which is sensitive both to the pH value of the digestive system and external magnetic field.

The time, place and rate of drug release can be controlled by using this nanodrug through the changes made in its therapeutic properties. In fact, a decrease occurs in the time of the presence of drug in blood stream while the half-life of the drug increases and its toxicity decreases. Therefore, the use of the new drug delivery system results in less side effects, more efficiency and the comfort and satisfaction of the patient.

The synthesized nanodrug has magnetic properties, which enables its transfer to the target tissue by using an external magnetic field. The drug delivery system is able to easily pass through cell membrane, and it cannot be detected by macrophage system due to its small dimensions.

Hydrophilic carboxymethyl chitosan and carrageenan polysaccharides were used to coat magnetic nanoparticles containing drugs. Desirable and stable biomedical properties can be created for the nanoparticles by using this surface coating. Results of the research have been published in Carbohydrate Polymers, vol. 128, 2015, pp. 112-121.

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