Land of Light (5)

We hereby present you another episode of the series titled “Land of Light”. Undoubtedly, your company highly encourages us on our journey to the Land of Light. As a reminder, Abdul-Mottaleb was instructed by God Almighty to unearth the Zam-Zam well.

Handicrafts, legacy of Iran’s Civilization (1)

In general, when one speaks of cultural heritage, the thought of historical monuments and ancient architectural feats springs to mind. One remembers historical monuments such as Persepolis in the environs of the city of Shiraz and Naqshe Jahan Square in the city of Isfahan, and visits to the historical sites …

Canada to host Iran’s traditional music

Prominent Iranian Tar virtuoso Keyvan Saket is slated to hold traditional music concerts in Canada.

Display of Resistance in Cinema

The 13th edition of Resistance International Film Festival (IRFF) was held in Iran with special focus on resistance, insight and flourishing. There were various sectors such as movies, video cinema, short films, documentaries, prospect of Iran resistance cinema, specialist meetings and commemoration of Iran’s revolution and sacred defense.

'Burnt City, cultural gate of Sistan- Balouchestan to world'

Governor General of Sistan- Balouchestan Province said in capital city of Zahedan on Thursday international registration of ancient Burnt City equaled the opening of provincial gate towards world nations, which will lead to drawing its beautiful façade and its unique attractions.

Iranian Notables, Sources of Global Honor (20)

Today, we introduce the famous Iranian philosopher, theologian, scientist, mathematician, and astronomer of 7th Century AH, Khaje Nasir Ed-Din Tousi.

Muslims make up for 55 percent of foreign tourists visiting Iran

Muslims from European, Arab and non-Arab nations account for 55 percent of tourists visiting Iran, head of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Masoud Soltanifar said on Thursday.

Khayyam Quatrains at Moscow int’l book fair

Russian translation of Omar Khayyam’s quatrains (Rubaiyat) was unveiled in Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) last week. Khayyam, the renowned Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer lived between 1048 and 1131 AD.