Land of Light (19)

Welcome to the 19th weekly episode of the series Land of Light. Last week, we spoke about the approach of a massive army led by elephants to storm Mecca and destroy the Holy Ka’ba, and how the Prophet’s grandfather Abdul-Mottaleb, following the theft of his herd of 200 camels by …

Folklore music to resonate at Tehran's Vahdat Hall

Tal music band, a traditional Iranian ensemble, will perform Lorestani and Kurdish music on January 14 and 15, 2015 at Tehran's Vahdat Hall.

Iranian pics shine in int'l events

Two Iranian screen productions have been awarded at American and Italian film festivals.

Sa'di Opera heading to Fajr

Director of Sa'di Opera said the puppet opera is in the final stage of production and will be ready for performance at the upcoming Fajr International Theater Festival in January 2015.

Iran’s campaign for animal-free circuses gains momentum

A national campaign for removing animals from circuses has gained fresh momentum after more provincial departments of environment endorsed the plea.

Iran ready for mutual waiver of visas

Iran says it stands ready to revoke visa requirements for visitors from neighboring countries if the other side does the same for Iranian nationals. 

Armenians celebrate new Christian year at Isfahan church

The festivities marking the arrival of the year 2015 on the Christian Gregorian Calendar were held in a historical church in the city of Isfahan, central Iran.

Iranian Notables, Sources of Global Honor (21)

Today, we continue our last week’s discussion on the famed Iranian philosopher, theologian, mathematician, astronomer, and poet of 7th Century AH, Khaje Nasir Ed-Din Tousi. We said that Mohammad Ibn Hassan Jahroudi Tousi, popularly known as Khaje Nasir Ed-Din Tousi, was born in the northeastern Iranian city of Tous in …