Wednesday, 06 March 2013 09:37

Bishapour: City steeped in history

The ruins of the historical city of Bishapour are found on the slope of Kouhmareh Heights, 23 kilometers west of the city of Kazeroun in Fars province.

The Iranian president’s advisor on women’s affairs has voiced concern about global violence against women.

Iran's Southern Fars province and Egypt's Tourism Ministry signed an agreement on cooperation in various areas of culture and tourism.

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 09:55

Yazd travel market planned

A travel and tourism market will be established in Yazd to disseminate information to tourists traveling to the city during Norouz (Iranian New Year starting March 21).

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 09:50

Yakh Morad Cave: Ideal tourist spot

Yakh Morad Cave is one of the ideal destinations for winter tourism and Norouz (the Iranian New Year holidays lasting from March 21-April 2). It offers a good opportunity for ecotourists to visit this beautiful cave.

Monday, 04 March 2013 09:38

Iran, Egypt eye tourists

Egyptian Tourism Minister Hesham Zazo is the first official of the country to visit Iran and sign an agreement with his Iranian counterpart last week.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has launched two 24-hour TV channels, which will show programs on health and films.

Sunday, 03 March 2013 14:35

Qom establishes tourism research center

A religious tourism research center has been established in Qom province, said the head of the province’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department.

Sunday, 03 March 2013 09:43

Shorabil tourism plan in the pipeline

The comprehensive tourism plan of Shorabil Lake, located in a hilly area south of the Iranian city of Ardebil, will be prepared by the city’s council and municipality.

Sunday, 03 March 2013 09:36

Iranian Tilework

The history of tilework in Iran goes back to prehistoric times. It has an important status among the various Iranian decorative arts.