Persian Language Tue, 12 Dec 2017 13:48:44 +0000 en-gb Khayyam Quatrains at Moscow int’l book fair’l-book-fair’l-book-fair

Russian translation of Omar Khayyam’s quatrains (Rubaiyat) was unveiled in Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) last week. Khayyam, the renowned Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer lived between 1048 and 1131 AD.


According to CHN, distributed by Iranian publisher Sokhan Publication, the book has been translated into Arabic, English, Russian and French through the efforts of Prof. Hossein Sadeghi.

Printed in Gholam-Hossein Amirkhani’s calligraphy, it contains pictures by Mahmood Farshchian, the great Iranian painter.

Khayyam’s poems, known to be written on mystical and spiritual issues, have previously been translated into various languages including English, German, French, Arabic, etc. However, the most famous translation is by Edward FitzGerald, the English poet and writer, who was the first to translate a selection of his quatrains into English in 1859 in the world famous ‘The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’.

In addition to Khayyam’s book, several Iranian books, either in their original language or translated into English or Russian were showcased at the fair. The third and fourth volumes of the well-known Iranian book ‘Good Tales for Good Children’ by Mahdi Azar-Yazdi translated into Russian was among the children’s books exhibited.

Iran’s Ambassador Mehdi Sanaie attended the exhibition and unveiled the volumes of ‘Good Tales for Good Children’, ‘Khayyam’s Quatrains’, and a Russian version of ‘Muslims Knowledge’ written by Mohammad-Reza Hakimi. Publishers from 63 countries participated in the exhibition.


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Rouhani calls for broadening of ties among Persian-speaking nations Rouhani calls for broadening of ties among Persian-speaking nations

President Hassan Rouhani underlined the need for the expansion of relations among Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan as the three countries speak in the same language as their means of communication.


"The Persian-language speaking countries should broaden their relations in all areas," President Rouhani said during a meeting with Tajikistan's new Ambassador to Tehran Nematollahzadeh Emamzadeh said in Tehran today.

The Iranian president pointed to the historical and cultural commonalities between Iran and Tajikistan, and said, "Tehran and Dushanbe have always had vast relations in political, economic and cultural areas and they should (further) expand their cooperation in all areas by utilizing all the existing capacities."

President Rouhani pointed to his upcoming visit to Tajikistan to take part in a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and said, "In bilateral meetings between the two countries' senior officials, solutions for the implementation of previous agreements will be reviewed, and the two sides will consider regional issues and cooperation in the in Shanghai meeting in Dushanbe."

The Iranian president reiterated that there are many suitable grounds for cooperation between the Iranian and Tajik investors in the state and private sectors, and that suitable mechanisms and facilities for using all the existing potentials should be devised within the framework of a joint cooperation commission.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported and will always support establishment of stability, peace and security in Tajikistan," President Rouhani said.

On Friday, Tajikistan's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Feizollah Atayev said that President Rouhani's upcoming visit to Tajikistan would entail outstanding outcomes for the two nations.

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Minister: Persian language has great capacity for globalization

Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in a message to the 9th International Conference of Persian Language and Literature Promotion Society, said that Persian Language has an enormous capacity for globalization.


According to IRNA, in the message, the minister said that the Persian Language is the most important cultural resource of Iranians and more than 110 million people speak this language.

He added that the most well known world linguists believe that Persian Language is the second easiest language to learn among 4,000 languages in the world.
Ali Jannati said we are pleased that in more than 35 countries there is demand to learn Persian.
At the end of his message, Jannati expressed hope that the society can consolidate scientific and research relations between masters of the language and hold educational courses all around the world and increase its ties with centers of Iranology and carry out joint plans with foreign universities.
In the 3-day conference, which will end on Friday, 150 articles will be presented by professors of Persian literature from countries such as Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq, Tajikistan and Australia.

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Iran’s North Khorasan hosts intˈl confab on Persian Language’s-north-khorasan-hosts-intˈl-confab-on-persian-language’s-north-khorasan-hosts-intˈl-confab-on-persian-language

The ninth International Conference on Promotion of Persian Language opened in this northeastern capital city in the presence of special presidential advisor for ethnic and religious minorities, Hojatoleslam Ali Younesi on Wednesday.


According to IRNA, some 150 articles from Iranian and foreign researchers will be presented during the three-day event.

In addition to the host country, faculty members and heads of colleges of Persian language and literature from Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan and Turkey are attending the gathering.

The conference concludes on Aug 29.


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2,700 ancient inscriptions translated,700-ancient-inscriptions-translated,700-ancient-inscriptions-translated

Abdolmajid Arfaei, an eminent Iranian researcher and specialist in ancient Akkadian and Elamite languages, has translated 2,700 ancient inscriptions.


According to IRNA, he said these inscriptions, which have been kept in the ancient site of Susa in Khuzestan province, belong to the Elamite, Achaemenid and Akkadian empires.
Arfaei added that nearly 2,300 tablets also have been translated into Persian.
ˈIdentification cards have issued for these inscriptions,ˈ he said, adding that the oldest inscription, which have been preserved in Susa, dates back to 2250 BCE.
The researcher said ancient Iranians decorated and built the Elamite temples with these inscriptions.
ˈAll these tablets will soon be displayed in a grand hall at the Susa site,ˈ he said, adding that historical relics will also be displayed in the hall.


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Iran to host Persian language confab

The second edition of international conference on the Persian and Turkish language commonalities is scheduled to be held in Tehran’s Allameh Tabatabaei University.


According to Press TV, a number of Iranian and Turkish university professors and literati will participate in the two-day conference.

Common terms in both languages, history of Persian language in Turkey and the role of media in the expansion of literary relations between the two countries are some of the topics that will be discussed at the event.

The conference also review the Persian and Turkish translations of literary works, studies on Mowlavi in Turkey and Iran and several other subjects.

The first conference took place at the Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in Istanbul in May 2012.



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Persian version of “Daddy-Long-Legs” comes out in audio book“daddy-long-legs”-comes-out-in-audio-book“daddy-long-legs”-comes-out-in-audio-book

A Persian audio book of American writer Jean Webster’s 1912 epistolary novel “Daddy-Long-Legs” has been published in Tehran.


According to Mehr news agency, the audio book was unveiled during a ceremony at Tehran’s Book City Institute.
The narrators of the audio book Zohreh Shokufandeh and Jorj Petrosian, translator Golnar Navidan and a number of cultural figures attended the ceremony.
 “Daddy-Long-Legs” follows the protagonist, a young girl named Jerusha “Judy” Abbott, through her college years. She writes letters to her benefactor, a rich man whom she has never seen.
 The audio book has been recorded and released by Raha Films, a major Iranian studio, in which Asghar Farhadi’s French-language film “The Past” was dubbed into Persian.    
 “I think the idea of the publication of audio books is amazing,” said Shokufandeh, who previously voiced the character of Judy in “My Daddy Long Legs”, a 1990 Japanese anime television series based on “Daddy-Long-Legs”, for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

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Afghanistan Publishers Union to establish bookstore in Tehran

The Afghanistan Publishers Union has plans to establish a bookstore in Tehran to sell Afghan books in the coming months.


 According to Tehran Times daily, Union Head Ajmal Azem said about 80 percent of the books in Afghanistan are currently being published in Iran, since both countries enjoy the same language.

 Azem who is in Iran for further collaboration with Iran, said that Iranian authors Ali Shariati, Morteza Motahhari and Badiozzaman Foruzanfar are among the most famous authors in Afghanistan.

 He also asked for more collaboration between Iranian and Afghan publishers 

He said “Afghanistan makes use of Iranian books in various fields of literature, history and psychology, but not in academics, medicine and engineering, since those books seem to be hard, so we need to publish Afghan books.”

 He added that 350 members are collaborating with the union, out of which 25 are publishers and the rest are booksellers in Afghanistan.


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English translation of Iranian bestseller “Da” to be published soon“da”-to-be-published-soon“da”-to-be-published-soon

American translator of the Iran’s Sacred Defense bestselling novel “Da” has said he has completed the translation of the book and it is ready for publishing.


Paul Spachman has started to translate the book since 2009 and American publisher, Mazda, will publish the book soon.

Sparchman, the US author, translator and professor told Mehr News correspondent “the translation of the novel “Da” is over now, it will be published by Mazda publisher soon. 

“Da” was written by Iranian writer Ms Zahra Hosseini and since 2009, that Spachman started the translation, he has traveled to Iran for several times and has had meetings with Hosseini to have a clear image of the book for a better understanding and translation.

“Da” is Zahra Hosseini’s memory collections of Iran’s Sacred Defense while being attacked by Saddam. The story narrates 35 days when Khorramshahr was captured by Iraqi Army and its residents’ resistance.

The narrator of the story is a teenage girl who helps to bury the martyrs’ body, meanwhile her father and brother martyred as well.


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Books on Nelson Mandela published in Iran Books on Nelson Mandela published in Iran

Two books in Persian have recently been published on the late anti-apartheid South African leader Nelson Mandela.


 According to Tehran Times daily, Mehdi Yazdani and Sarvenaz Heraner compiled “Moments with Nelson Mandela”, which was published by the Namak company.

 The book contains Mandela’s biography and descriptions about his character and his beliefs.

A Persian version of “Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela” written by Nelson Mandela, Coco Cachalia and Marc Suttne has also hit Iranian bookstores.

 Published by the Ataei company, the book has been translated into Persian by Sima Rafiei.

Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years for defying the racist apartheid government that led South Africa for decades. 

 He emerged from prison in 1990 and became South Africa’s first Black president four years later, all the while promoting forgiveness and reconciliation.


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