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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 12:42

Khorheh: Historical Village

Khorheh is a village 12 miles north of Mahallat and 31 miles northwest of Delijan in Markazi province alongside the main road linking Tehran to Isfahan.
A new book on the life and works of the eminent author and translator Simin Daneshvar has recently been published in Iran.
Monday, 08 July 2013 08:18

Water Mills of Yazd

Before World War II, most of the corn ground to produce the flour for the staple in Iranian diet, namely bread, was processed by traditionally-powered water mills.
Sunday, 07 July 2013 07:18

Stone Age farming tools found in Iran

The archaeobotanical remains excavated at Iran's Zagros Mountains have yielded the earliest record of long-term plant management in this Asian country.
Saturday, 06 July 2013 08:32

Sassanid censer bases unearthed

Three censer bases, which date back to the Sassanid era, have recently been discovered during a construction project in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr.
Wednesday, 03 July 2013 07:50

Takht-e Jamshid: Mirrors Magnificence

Takht-e Jamshid is an Achaemenid artistic and architectural masterpiece.
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 08:28

Darreh-Shahr: Unique Ancient City

Darreh-Shahr is one of the important and ancient cities of Ilam province. It is located in a wide valley 840 kilometers from Tehran near Bahmanabad Village.
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 08:19

85 Lorestan heritages identified

About 85 cultural and historical heritages have been identified in Lorestan province, said the director general of the province’s cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism department.
Sunday, 23 June 2013 14:35

Babak Fortress: Unique Heritage

Babak Fortress, also known as Immortal Castle or Republic Castle, is a large citadel located in Bez Mountain in Arasbaran forests, which is 16 kilometers southwest of Kalibar city in …
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 08:22

Iranian Painting

The history of painting in Iran dates back to the Cave Age.
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 08:19

Iran female novelist Fahimeh Rahimi dies

Iranian woman fiction writer Fahimeh Rahimi has passed away due to gastric cancer at the age of 61 in the capital city of Tehran.
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 07:35

Burnt City: Great civilization in desert

Burnt City in eastern Iran dates back to 5,000 years ago and is spread over 150 hectares. It was unearthed in 1915.
Lalezar Street in the Iranian capital city, Tehran, has been of special significance to Iranian and foreign residents of Tehran since olden times.
Qaysarieh Bazaar was built during the 11th century at the northern end of the historical Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan province.
From hills around, among a wide array of colorful scenery, the ruins of an ancient city attract every visitor.
The Persians made themselves important in world history with the establishment of the Achaemenid Empire in the sixth century BCE.
Thursday, 06 June 2013 16:20

Jabalieh Dome as something of an enigma

At the edge of Kerman is the mysterious octagonal structure. It’s mysterious because its age and original function remains unknown.
Wednesday, 05 June 2013 08:16

The Anniversary of 15 Khordad Uprising

Today is 15th of Khordad, the day the Sage of the Age, Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace) launched the Islamic Revolution 50 years ago in 1963.
Tuesday, 04 June 2013 13:16

Iran marks passing of Imam Khomeini

Iran is commemorating the 24th anniversary of the passing of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Seyyed Rouhollah Khomeini.
Sunday, 02 June 2013 12:39

Caravansaries: Historical Iranian Inns

For hundreds of years, Iranians accommodated foreign and domestic merchants as well as pilgrims at elaborate rest-houses called caravansaries, which were built along major roads and in cities.