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Every year, the Islamic Republic of Iran holds national commemoration ceremonies for one of its greatest poets, Abu’l-Qassem Ferdowsi, the master of Persian epic poetry. He flourished over a thousand …
Iran has bid farewell to poet Mohammad-Ali Sepanlou, one of the most prominent Iranian literary figures.
Sunday, 15 March 2015 09:26

Ahvaz, first Iranian book capital

The perpetuity of every nation's civilization and culture is inseparably linked to science, wisdom, and knowledge. Expanding or narrowing these domains is highly related to book and book reading .If …
Iran is attending the 59th International Belgrade Book Fair hosted by China from October 26 to November 2 with 100 book titles.
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 06:16

Iran children book appears in French

Iranian book titled ‘If Snowmen Don’t Melt’written for children by the eminent author Seyyed Ali Shojaei has been published in France.
Hafez is among the most celebrated classical Persian poets whose influence can be felt to this date and extends far beyond the boundaries of time and space.
Friday, 19 September 2014 07:16

Homage to Shahriar is tribute to literature

September 18 has been named the ‘Day of Persian poetry and literature’ as it is the death anniversary of the legendary Iranian poet Shahriar.
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 08:08

Sepehri's poems published in Italy

A collection of poems by the late Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri has been published in Italy.
Prominent Iranian literary figure Mir-Jalaleddin Kazzazi has completed writing of a book about the ancient Persian prophet Zoroaster.
Saturday, 06 September 2014 09:09

Omar Khayyam’s statue to be set up in New York

A statue of the internationally celebrated Persian poet, astronomer and mathematician, Omar Khayyam Neishaburi is slated to be set up in Manhattan, New York City. The officials of Manhattan municipality …
The Fifth International Arabic-Language Razavi Poetry Festival attended by poets from Iran and some Islamic countries opened in Ahvaz on Thursday.
Thursday, 04 September 2014 07:21

Birouni, an eternal master

‘The Masterˈ, ‘Founder of Indology’ and ‘Father of Geodesy’ are some of the many titles given to the renowned Persian Muslim polymath Abu Rayhan Biruni.
Deputy General Director of Shahriar International Foundation has said the foundation will present the 1st Shahriar Literary Award to announce winners.
Thursday, 21 August 2014 07:23

Parizad Moradi a poetess from Bushehr

Parizad Moradi was born in Harmik Village, city of Jam, in the southern Province of Bushehr in 1964, writes in Thursday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily.
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 05:23

Iranian Stories and Fables (10)

One of the characteristics of folk stories is that in the stories that are voluminous, the writer has to summarize some events. Researchers believe that in some stories, the writer …
A number of Iranian publishers and literary associations are slated to participate in the 66th edition of Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany.
Iranian children’s writer Hushang Moradi Kermani’s “The Big Clay Jar” will be published in English and Swedish in the near future.
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 06:50

Iranian Stories and Fables (9)

Among other characteristics of folktales is the existence of popular or loved characters and unpopular or hated characters. In all folk stories there are vicious, bad-tempered, bellicose and ill-wishing people …
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 04:32

Iranian Stories and Fables (8)

One of the features of a folk story is its being holistic; i.e. in folk stories usually little attention is paid to the details and minute characteristics of the personae. …
Manuscripts of the late Iranian author and critic Jalal Al-e Ahmad has been discovered after a lapse of 45 years.
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