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Friday, 17 January 2014 06:22

Exhibition of Persian Calligraphy Works Opens at Bashkortostan Museum

An exhibition of calligraphy works by Iranian artists opened at the National Museum of Bashkortostan in Ufa, the capital city of Bashkortostan, an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation.


According to CHN citing ISNA, a selection of works with the central theme of Quranic verses created by Iranian calligrapher Ali Ganji and illuminator Maryam Emami have been put on display at the exhibit entitled “A Window to the Sky.

Mufti of Bashkortostan Talaat Safa Tajeddine, the founder of Ihlas, an Islamic center for artistic and cultural activities, Muhammad Galimov, and the Director of the National Museum of Bashkortostan Valiullin Gali Faizrakhmanov were among the participants in the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Talaat Safa Tajeddine asked for expansion of Quranic calligraphy works by Iranian masters in the educational centers across his country.

Muhammad Galimov who has organized the exhibit in collaboration with the Embassy of Iran in Moscow expressed his happiness over holding such event in his country.

He hoped that the program would help deepen relations between the people of Bashkortostan and Iran.

The exhibit will run for a week and then will travel to other cities across Russia.


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